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School of Agriculture

School of Agriculture

About the School of Agriculture


The vision of the School is to become a “Centre of Excellence” in Agriculture, rural Development and natural resources management in the region”


The main role of the School of Agriculture, Rural Development and Forestry is to provide professional training to under and post graduate students, providing appropriate knowledge and skills relevant to the needs of government, private sector and farming community .The school aims at excellence in teaching, research and active participation in community outreach programmes in order to promote sustainable livelihoods in rural areas.

Dean's Profile

Prof. Godwin Ainamensa Mchau joined the University of Venda in Jan 1998 as a lecturer and Head of Department of Horticultural Sciences. He was appointed as dean of the School of Agriculture at University of Venda in July 2010.  Prior to the appointment, Prof Mchau previously taught Horticulture at Horticulture Research and Training Institute, Arusha, Tanzania.  After graduating, he taught Pomology and Plant Propagation at the same institute for two years. He is a Cal Poly, (Pomona, USA), BSc Fruit Industries (Cum laude) and MSc Agricultural Science alumna. His research involved Citrus rootstocks and the diseases caused by Penicillium digitatum and P. italicum.  He worked for three years at California State University, College of Agriculture, Fruit Industries Unit. He completed his PhD at the University of California, (Riverside, USA) in December 1993 under the supervision of Professor M. D. Coffey.  His dissertation examined the morphology and isozyme variations within and between Phytophthora species’. He then moved to the University of Kansas, (Lawrence, USA) as a post-doctoral research fellow with Prof. H. Alexander in the Department of Botany.  His work involved the development of molecular approaches for studying population genetics of the anther smut fungus, Ustilago violacea.  In May 1995, He joined  the University of Stellenbosch as a Senior Researcher in the department of Plant Pathology to establish a molecular plant pathology program.


Phi Kappa Phi: USA National Academic Honor Society (California chapter)
Gamma Sigma Delta: The Honor Society of Agriculture (California chapter)
Phi Beta Delta: Honor Society for International Scholars (California chapter)


South Africa Plant Pathology Society
Southern Africa Society for Horticultural Sciences
Southern African New Crops Research Association
South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions


The following degrees / diplomas and certificates are offered in the school.

Please note: Computer Literacy(CPL0521/0621) must be taken by all students registered in the School. The module can be taken anytime from the first semester of the first year up to and including the last semester of the final year of study.

Undergraduate Programmes Code Duration
Bachelor of Agriculture BAGRIC
Bachelor of Family Ecology & Consumer Sci (Home Econs) BFECS
Bachelor of Agribusiness Management BAGBM
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture BSCAGR
Bachelor of Science in Forestry Sciences BSCFOR
Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology BSCFST
Bachelor of Agriculture Honours BAGRIC(Hons)
Honours in Rural Development HONRDV
Bachelor of Science Honours in Agriculture BSCAGR(Hons)
Bachelor of Science Honours in Forestry BSCFOR(Hons)
Master of Science in Agriculture MSCAGR
Master of Science in Food Science and Technology MSCFST
Masters in Rural Development MRDV
Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture PhD(Agric)
Doctor of Philosophy in Rural Development PhDRD
Career opportunities


Dean GRA Mchau, Dip (Horti), BSc (Fruit Ind), MSc (Agric) (Pomona), PhD
(University of California)
Vice-Dean JJO Odhiambo, BSc (Agric) (Hons), MSc (Agric) (Nairobi), PhD (University of
British Columbia, Canada)
School Administrator MM Maboho, BCom (Univen)
Executive Secretary LH Kone

Professor I Wakindiki, BSc (Agric) (Hons), MSc (Soil Science) (Nairobi), PhD (Soil Science) (Egerton), PGDHE (UFH).
Research Assistant Vacant


Heads of Departments/Centre(s) are indicated by means of an asterisk*

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Associate Professors *PK Chauke, BSc (Agric.) (Econ) (UFH), M.Inst (Agric) (Eco) (UP), PhD (Univen), HED
FDK Anim, BSc (Agric.) (Hons) (Ghana), M.Agric. Mgt (Natal), PhD (Agric.Econ) (UP)
Senior Lecturer EN Raidimi, BSc (Agric.) (Hons) (UFH), MSc (Agric. Ext) (Reading), PhD (UP)
Lecturer TK Pfumayaramba, BSc (Agric.) (Hons), MSc (Agric. Economics) (UZ)
Teaching Assistants A Maiwashe, BSc Agric (UZ), MSc (Agric) (Univen)
M Tshikororo, BSc Agric (Unizul), MSc (Agric) (Univen)

Agricultural and Rural Engineering
Senior Lecturers *MO Marenya, BSc (Hons) (Agric. Eng), MSc (Agric. Eng) (Nairobi), PhD (Agric.
Eng) (UP)
PF Kapila, BSc (Agric), MSc (Agric. Eng), PhD (Agric. Eng) (CZU, Prague)
Lecturer JPO Obiero, BSc (Agric.Eng), MSc (Agric. Eng), PhD (Agric. Eng.)(Nairobi)Chief Lab Technician MB Mongwai, BSc (Agric.) (Univen)

Animal Science
Associate Professor *JJ Baloyi, BSc (Agric.) (Hons) (UZ), MSc (UK), PhD (UZ)
Senior Lecturer(s) E Bhebhe, BSc (Agric) (Hons) (UZ); MSc (T&M) (USA); PhD (T&M) (USA)
Lecturers MS Mikasi, BSc (Agric.), MSc (Agric.) (Univen)
AJ Netshipale, BSc (Agric) (Univen), MSc (Agric) (Natal)
F Fushai, BSc (Agric) (Hons) (UZ); MSc (Natal); PhD (Unisa)
Chief Farm Technician KT Mahlako, BSc (Agric), MSc (Agric) (Univen)
Chief Principal Lab Tech EM Nyathi, BSc, MPH (Univen)
Lab Technician AM Raseona, BSc (Agric) (UL); MSc (Agric) (Univen)

Consumer Sciences
Professor *LL Maliwichi, BSc (Agric) (Malawi), MSc (Nutrition) (London),
PhD (Cornell)
Lecturer MT Malaza, B Home Economics (Education) (UWC), B Consumer Science
(Hons)(UP), Masters in Consumer Science (UP)
Senior Lab Technician M Mulondo, BFECS, HONRDV (Univen)

Food Science and Technology
Professor *AIO Jideani, BSc (Hons), MSc (Food Tech) (Ibadan), PhD (Leeds),
PG Dip. (Food Tech)(Ibadan)
Associate Professor Vacant
Senior Lecturer(s) Vacant
Lecturers H Silungwe, Dip. Agric. Eng. (UNZA), BSc (Agric) (UNISWA), MSc. (Agr.Eng.Tech) (Food Processing) (UCD-Ireland)
T E Kgatla, BSc (FST) (Univen), Master of Nutrition (UL)
M E Mashau, BInstAgrar (Food Processing) (UP), MSCFST (Univen)
Teaching Assistant SE Ramashia, BSc (FST) (Univen); MTech (TUT)
Pilot Plant Manager Vacant
Lab Technician B Nethathe, BSc (Univen); BSc (Hons); MSc (UFH)
T Mokhele, BInstaAgrar (Food Processing) (UP)
NB Moyo, BSc (Unisa)
Professor *PO Adesoye, B Tech, Forestry, MSc (FUTA), PhD (Forestry) (Ibadan)
Lecturer ST Mwihomeke, BSc (Forest) (Hons) (Dar), MSc (Forest) (UCNW, Bangor)
Teaching Assistant9s) R Ramavhale, BSc (Forestry) (Univen)
R Mulangaphuma, BSc (Forestry) (Univen)
Technician P Munyanduki, BSc (Forest Resources and Wildlife) (NUST)

Horticultural Sciences
Ass Professor *GRA Mchau, Dip (Horticulture), BSc (Fruit Ind.), MSc (Agric) (Pomona)
PhD (University of California)
Lecturer F Thovhogi, BSc (Agric) (Univen), MSc (Horticulture) (Stellenbosch)
ML Ramphinwa, BSc (Agric), MSc (Agric) (Univen)
Teaching Assistant MR Mothapo, BAgric (Hons) (Univen)
Crop Technician MV Makhado, BAgric (Hons) (Univen)

Plant Production
Professor *JBO Ogola, BSc (Hons), MSc (Nairobi), PhD (Reading)
Ass. Professors ET Gwata, BSc (Agric) (Univ Novi Sad), MSc (Univ. of Melbourne), PhD
(Univ. of Florida)
EC Kunjeku, B.S (Psy) (California Coast Univ.), BSc (Agric) (Hons), (UZ), MSc,
PhD (Univ. of London)
Lab Technician T Leboho, BAgric (Hons) (Univen)

Soil Science
Professor *JJO Odhiambo, BSc (Agric) (Hons), MSc (Agric) (Nairobi), PhD (Univ. of
British Columbia, Canada)
Senior Lecturer J Mzezewa, BSc (Agric) (Hons) (UZ), MSc (Agric), (Aberdeen), PhD (UFS)
Lecturer HP Nemakundani, BSc (Agric) (Unin) BSc (Agric) (Hons) (UP), Masters in
Sustainable Agric (UFS)
SG Lusiba, BSc (Agric) (UL); MSc (Agric) (Univen)
Lab Technician MP Tshidada, Dip in Agric (Tompi Seleka College), Cert in Soil Water
& Plant Analysis (UF), BTech (Lab Mgt) (TUT)

Institute for Rural Development
Ass. Professor *J Francis, BSc (Agric) (Hons), MPhil, PhD (UZ)
Senior Lecturers G Oloo, BSc, MBA (USIU), Dip HRM (Manchester), Cert MF (Cranefield),
B Kilonzo, Dip. Community Empowerment (Israel), BA (Rani Durgavati),
MA (Agra), PhD (Univen)
M. Manjoro, BSc (Agric) (Hons), MSc Agric (UZ); PhD (UFH)
J Zuwarimwe, BSc (Hons) (Rural & Urban Planning), MSc (Rural Econ.Dev
Plan) (UZ), PhD (UP)
Lecturer MA Mathaulula, SSTD, BPaed (Home Econ.) (Unizul), PGDTE, PGDEM (Unisa),

Farm Manager TG Kutama, N.Dip. (Animal Prod.) (Pret Tech.), B Tech. (Agric Mgt)
(Unisa), BAgric (Hons) (Univen)