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About the School of Health Sciences

School of Health School Administrator

Name: Mrs Mercy Mabidi
Tel: +27 15 962 8510 / 8114

Executive Secretary
Name: Ms Barbara Netshiombo
Tel: 015 9628510/8114

For Admission Enquiries information contact:
Mr Seth Ugoda
Chief Admissions Officer: Student Administration
Tel: +2715 962 8882/ 8983/ 8977/ 8953


The School of Health Sciences is one of the eight Schools comprising four departments and one centre. The school offers both professional and academic programmes in CESM categories 04, 09 and 18, in diverse disciplines at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Its geographic location is of strategic importance for the training of Health professionals who are proactive and culture sensitive practitioners capable of meeting the health needs of rural communities locally and regionally.

The School of Health Sciences was established in 1986 comprising Department of Nursing and Education and Public Health offering a variety of post-basic nursing programmes namely, Nursing education and nursing administration. The school started growing by introducing other departments as follows: Advanced Nursing Science in 1998, Nutrition in 2000, and Psychology which has existed for many years under the School of Human and Social Sciences and incorporated into the School in 2002. The Center for Biokinetics, Recreation and Sport Science is an additional unit, established in 2001 and started its programmes in 2002.

The growing need for education in the country and province, growth in students’ population, and curriculum diversity, support the view to explore and identify the type of health professionals needed to serve in the rural primary health care settings particularly where UNIVEN is situated. On the fight against shortage of health practitioners including medical and paramedical in the Republic of South Africa (RSA), the school’s vision for the future is the establishment of allied Health medical department to cater for the needs of the rural communities in offering the qualifications that are career focused and in line with the mandate of a comprehensive university. There is a need for the school to be responsive to the national strategic goals to increase health professionals such as nurses; psychologists; physiotherapists; pharmacy; radiographers; dentists and occupational health therapists etc.


Undergraduate Degrees and Diplomas:

Name Duration
Diploma in Nursing Science (Bridging Course 2 years
Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing 1 year
BCur nursing Science (R425) 4 years
BCur Praxis Extensa (Post basic with 3 options) 3 years
BSC Nutrition 4 years
BSc Biokinetics 4 years
BSc recreation and Leisure studies 4 years
BSc Sports Science 4 years
Psych (Trauma Counselling) 4 years

Post graduate Degrees and Diplomas:

Name Duration
BCur Honours (with 3 options) 1 year
OPTIONS- Nursing Education, Nursing Administration
and Honours in community Health.
Magister Curationis 2 years
BSC Honours Community Nutrition 1 year
MSC Public Nutrition (Course Work) 1 year
MSC Public Nutrition (Research) 1 year
Master of Public Health 1 year
BA (Hons) Psychology: 1 year
PhD Health in Generic stream 3 years
PhD Public Health Nutrition 2 years
Career opportunities

Pre-medical courses are also offered. Candidates are subject to selection
tests by Human Sciences Research Council. Professional nurse in private & public sector, midwife
& psychiatric nurse, Registered Counselor, Biokinetisist, Certified leisure professional, Recreation
and Sport Science specialist.


Contact the School of Health

Tel: +27 15 962 8510 / 8114


Office: School of Health Sciences
Private Bag x5050


Dean MT Mashamba BA (Hons), UED, (Univen), BA (Hons) in HRD (RAU), Mphil (Stell), PhD (Univen), Postdoctoral MSc (Columbia University).
School Administrator MN Mabidi, BA (Unisa), Masters Dip. HRM (RAU)
Executive Secretary B. Netshiombo, Dip WMF (Univen), Dip in Management, BBA, Adv. Dip.
Management (SBS)
Research Professor RT Lebese, RN (Elim Hosp), BA (Cur) (Hons) (Unisa), M.Cur, D.Cur (Univen)

Heads of Departments are indicated by means of an asterisk*

Advanced Nursing Science
Professor *ML Netshikweta, Diploma in Nursing (Kalafong College of Nursing), BA (Cur) (Hons), MA.Cur, Dlitt et Phil (Unisa)
MS Maputle, RN (Groot Hoek College of Nursing), BA (Cur) (Unisa), M.Cur, D.Cur (UJ).
Associate Professor DU Ramathuba, RN, Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery (Groothoek College), BA (Cur) (Unisa), Post graduate Diploma in Nursing (Unisa), B.Cur (Hons), BTech Oncology (TUT), M.Cur (Univen), PhD (North West)
Senior Lecturers L Nemathaga, RN (Venda Nursing College), BA (Cur) B.Cur (Hons) (Unisa), M.Cur, PhD (Univen)
M Maluleke, RN (Giyani College of Education), B.Cur (Univen), M.Cur (Medunsa), PhD (Univen)
H Shilubane, RN (Giyani College of Education), BA (Cur) (Hons), M.Cur (Unisa), PhD (University of Maastricht, Netherlands)
NJ Ramakuela, Diploma in Nursing (Kalafong College of Nursing), BA (Cur) (Unisa), B.Cur (Hons), M.Cur, PhD (Univen)
Lecturers SA Mulondo, Diploma in Nursing (Venda Nursing College), BA (Cur), (Hons), (Unisa), M.Cur (Univen)
AR Tshililo, RN (Donald Frazer hospital), B Cur, B Cur (Hons), M.Cur (Univen)
ND Ndou RN Diploma in Nursing (Venda Nursing College), B.Cur, M.Cur (Unisa)
NS Raliphaswa RN (Venda Nursing College), B.Cur, Post Dip in Public Health (Unisa) B.Cur (Hons), M.Cur (Univen)
TR Luhalima, Diploma in Nursing (Venda Nursing College), BA Cur (Unisa), B.Cur (Hons), M.Cur (Univen), PhD (Pretoria)
Junior Lecturer KG Netshisaulu RN (Venda Nursing College), B.Cur (Hons), M.Cur (Univen)
JL Mafumo, Diploma in Nursing (Venda Nursing College), BA Cur (Unisa), B.Cur (Hons), M.Cur (Univen)
TR Mathevula, Diploma in Nursing (Nkhensani hosp), BA Cur (Unisa), B Cur Hons, M.Cur (Univen).
TE Mbedzi, BCur (Hons) (Medunsa)

Public Health
Senior Lecturers *TG Tshitangano, RN (Venda college of Nurs.), BA (Cur) (Unisa), PG Dip (Management) (Mancosa), MPH (Univen), MBA (Mancosa), PhD (Univen)
NS Mashau, RN (Venda College of Nurs), BA (Cur) (Hons) (Unisa), M.Cur (Univen), PhD (Univen).
Professor HA Akinsola, RN (NMCN), RNT (NMCN), BSC (UNIV of Ibadan), MSC (Com. MEd) (Manchester Univ), PHD (UNIV of Ibadan)
AK Tugli, Dip (Stats) (U.G.), BSc (Mat/Stats) (Unisa), BTech (Educ. Mngt) (Unisa), PGDip (HIV/AIDS), MPH (Medunsa), PhD (Unisa).
Lecturers JT Mabunda, RN (Baragwanath Hosp), BA (Cur) (Hons) (Unisa), MPH (UWC).
AG Mudau, RN (Univen), Dip. In Clinical Nursing Science, Health Assessment, Treatment and Care (NWU), BA (Cur) (Hons), MPH (Univen).
BS Manganye, RN, BA (Cur), MPH (Univen), AHMP (FPD/Yale).
Tshivhase SE, RN (Univen, BA (Cur) (Unisa), BA Cur (Hons) (Univen), MPH (Univen)

Senior Lecturers *LF Mushaphi, BSc (Dietetics), (Medunsa), M (Nutrition) (Unin), Post Dip High Education (Rhodes), PhD (Nutrition) (UFS).
CN Nesamvuni, BSc (Dietetics), (Uni. of OSU), M (Nutrition) (Unin), IMSciHPE (UM), PhD (Nutrition) (UFS)
Lecturers NS Mabapa, BSc (Human Physiology) (UP), BSc Hons (Community Nutrition), MSc (Nutrition) (Univen).
HV Mbhatsani, BSc (Nutrition), Post Dip Higher Education (Rhodes), MSc (Nutrition) (Univen).
TC Mandiwana, BSc (Nutrition), Post Dip Health Professional Education (UCT), MSc (Nutrition) (Univen).
SA Motadi, BSc (Nutrition) (Univen), Post Dip Health Professional Education (UCT), MSc (Nutrition), (Univen).
TC Mahopo, BSc (Nutrition) (Univen), Post Dip Health Professional Education (UCT), MSc (Nutrition, (Univen).
TA Masia, BSc (Nutrition) (Univen), Post Dip Health Professional Education (UCT), MSc (Nutrition (Univen).
Junior Lecturers RC Chauke, BSc (Dietetics) (Medunsa).
B Baloyi, BSc (Nutrition) (Univen).

Associate Professor *MT Mashamba, BA (Hons), UED, (Univen), BA (Hons) in HRD (RAU), Mphil (Stellenbosch), PhD (Univen), Postdoctoral MSc (Columbia University).
Senior Lecturer MS Makatu, BA (Hons), UED, MA (Univen), MSocSci (EAP) (UP), IMSciHPE (UM), DPhil (Psychology) (UP).
FJ Takalani, BA(ED), BA(Hons), MA, PhD (Univen)
Lecturers A Maphula, BA (Vista), BA (Hons) (Univen), MA (Clin Psy), North West
F Peters, BPsych, MA Psych (UWC)
MD Mushwana, BA Hons (UL), MA (Univen), PG Diploma in Health Professional Education (UCT)
L Manganye, BPsych, MA (Univen) PG Diploma in Health Professional
Education (UCT)
M Koko, BPsych (Univen), MA (Clinical Psychology) (UL)
V Baloyi, BPsych (Univen), MA Clinical Psychology ( UL)
KE Mphephu, BPsych, MA (Univen)
Junior Lecturer HB Magadani, BPsych (Univen)
Teaching Assistant MI Rambau, BA (Hons) (Univen)

Centre for Biokinetics, Recreation and Sport Science
Prof/ Associate Prof Vacant
Senior Lecturer Vacant
Lecturers M. Mohlala, BSc (Biokinetics) (Univen), MA (Biokinetics) (NWU)
NP Mugwedi, BSc (Recreation and Leisure Studies) (Univen), MBA (Sports Management) (Universidadad Europea de Madrid, Spain)
T Veldsman, BSc (Human movement science) (NWU), BSc (Hons) (Biokinetics) (NWU) MSc (Biokinetics) NWU)
Teaching Assistant NP Golele, BSc (Biokinetics) (Univen)
Junior Lecturers ME Mamabolo, BA (Hons) (Kinesiology) (Unin)
K Matshovhana, BSc (Recreation and Leisure Studies) (Univen).
ZL Ralubuvhi, BSc (Biokinetics (Univen)
AD Rasifudi, BSc Sport Science (Univen)
SJ Muyahalo, BSc (Recreation and Leisure Studies) (Univen)
Secretary F Ramanyimi

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