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School of Human and Social Sciences

School of Human and Social Sciences

About the School of Human and Social Sciences

To study and research on the human conditions and their social life for rural and regional development in Southern Africa

The school will use appropriate methodologies to critically analyze, exchange ideas and knowledge to address the challenges and the needs of the disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences through learning, teaching, research and academic citizenship for rural and regional development in Southern Africa. Both Humanities and Social Sciences through their multiplicity of programmes, ranging from undergraduate to post graduate studies, focus on understanding, meaning, purpose and goals through interpretative methods of finding the truth and explaining the causality of events for rural and regional development.

To transform the School of Humanities and Social Sciences into a unit offering career focused programmes in compliance with the mandate of UNIVEN as a comprehensive university

Dean's Profile

Prof Makgopa

Dean Prof. MA Makgopa, BA (Hons) (Unisa) MA (Stell), (DLitt et Phil) Unisa) J.S.T.C. (Setotolwane)


DLit et Phil (African Languages; Northern Sotho) University of South Africa, 2010
Thesis: Closure as reflected in Northern Sotho Novels
Major : Literature, Language, Socio Linguistics, on mastics, folklore, IKS

MA ((African Languages; Northern Sotho) University of Stellenbosch
Dissertation: The relative clause in Northern Sotho
Major Fields: Semantics, Applied linguistics

BA HONS ((African Languages; Northern Sotho) University of South Africa)
Northern Sotho literature

BA Majors Education and Northern Sotho; University of South Africa)


Dean: School of Human and Social Sciences, June 2010 to date
Full Professor: MER Mathivha Centre for African Languages, Arts and Culture 2011 to date
Associate Professor: from 2009- 2010
HOD MER Mathivha Centre for African Languages, Arts and Culture 2005- 2010
Senior Lecturer 2007-2009
Lecturer from 1997 – 2007
Senior Lecturer Naphuno College of Education 1990 – 1997
Teacher and HOD Masobe High School 1983 -1990
Teacher Ramoba High School 1981- 1982


The following degrees / diplomas and certificates are offered in the school:

Bachelor of Arts BA
Bachelor of Arts in Education (Agriculture) BAgric(Ed)
Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies BADS
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations BAIR
Bachelor of Arts in Bachelor of Arts in Youth Development BAYID
Bachelor of Arts in Bachelor of Arts in Youth Development BAYID
Bachelor of Arts in Education (Music) BA (Ed) (Mus)
Bachelor of Arts in Education (Primary) BA (Ed) (Prim)
Bachelor of Arts in Education (Secondary) BA (Ed) (Sec)
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations BA (IR)
Bachelor of Arts in Social Work BSW
Bachelor of Musicology BMus
Bachelor of Pre-Primary Education B.Pre-Pri(Ed)
Bachelor of Education in Science Education B.Ed(Sc.Ed)
Bachelor of Education B.Ed(Hons)
Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education BEDECE (Hons)
Bachelor of Education in College Teaching BEDCT(Hons)
Bachelor of Education in Education Management BEDEM(Hons)
Bachelor of Education Guidance and Counselling BEDGC(Hons)
Bachelor of Education: Further Education and Training BEDFET
Master of Arts Degrees MA
Master of Arts MA
Master of Arts in International Relations MAIR
Master of Education (by dissertation) MEd
Master of Education in Curriculum Studies MEDCS
Master of Education in Education Management MEDEM
Master of Educational Foundations MEd (Ed.Found)
Master of Education in Philosophy of Education MEd(PHIL)
Master of Education in Science Education MEd(ScEd)
Master of Education in Teacher Education MEdTE
Master of Human Sciences MHS
Doctorate Dr
Doctor of Education DEd
Doctor of Philosophy PhD
Doctoral Degree in Gender Studies PhDGS
Doctor of Philosophy PhD
Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies PhD(CS)
Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education PhD(Sc.Ed)
Doctor of Philosophy in African Studies PhD AS
Diploma in Choral Studies DipCS
Diploma in School Library and Information Science Dip Sc Lib
Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Educational Managemant) PGDEEM
Post Graduate Certificate in Education PGCE
Science Teacher Education Diploma STED
Post-Graduate Diploma in African Studies PGAS
Post-Graduate Diploma in Gender Studies PGDIGS
Certificate Course in Business English and Communication CCBEN
Certificate in Education (Early Childhood Education) CEEC
Certificate in Educational Management CEM
Certificate in Music CMUS
Advanced Certificate in Education (Educational Management) ACEEM
Advanced Certificate in Education- Biology Educatiion (FET) ACEBEF
Advanced Certificate in Education- Mathematics Education (FET) ACEMEF
Advanced Certificate in Education- Science Education (FET) ACESEF
Advanced Certificate in Education- Mathematics Education (FET) ACEMES
Advanced Certificate in Education- Natural Science Education (SP) ACENSS
Advanced Certificate in Education- Mathematics Education (IP) ACEMEI
Advanced Certificate in Education – Natural Science Education (IP) ACENSI
Advanced Certificate in Remedial Education ADCRE
Advanced Certificate in Environmental Education ADCEE
Honours Degrees Hons
Bachelor of Arts Honours BA(Hons)
BA Honours in Applied Anthropology BAHAPA
BA Honours in Archaeology BAHARC
BA Honours in Literature and Media Studies BAHLMS
BA Honours in Heritage Studies BAH
BA Honours in African Studies BAHAFC
Honours Degree in Gender Studies HONSGS
Honours in Degree Applied Linguistics HAL
Honours Degree in Theoretical Linguistics HTL
Bachelor of Arts Honours in International Relations BAHIR
Career opportunities

Social Worker, Public Relations Officer, Anthropologist, Psychologist,
Information Officer, Interpreter, Lecturer, Translator, Teacher, Vocational Officer, Counsellor, Public
Servant, Archaeologist, Politician, Music Composer, Ambassador, Officer in nongovernmental
organisations, Training Officer, TV presenter, Radio broadcaster, United Nations agencies like UNESCO
and UNICEF, Social Welfare Education Officer, Adult Education Specialist, Environmental Education
Specialist. Youth Studies, Youth Professional in Social Welfare, Health, Labour, Community Services,
Supervisory Leaders in nongovernmental organisations, Journalist at newspapers, TV or radio
brioadcasting, Editor, Terminologist, Proofreader, Creative Writer, Book Reviewer, Indexing, Tour
Guide, Museum Curator, Archivist, Libraries, Community Developer, Extension Officer, Indigenous
Knowledge Systems Practitioner.


Please feel free to contact us through any of the following:

Postal Address:
School of Human and Social Sciences
Private Bag x5050

Designation Name Contacts
Dean Prof. MA Makgopa

Qualifications: BA (Hons) (Unisa) MA (Stell), (DLitt et Phil) Unisa) J.S.T.C. (Setotolwane)

Tel: +27 15 962 8115
Dean’s Secretary E Chauke Tel: +27 15 962 8309
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Email: echauke@univen.ac.za / makgopa@univen.ac.za

Office: School of Human and Social Sciences
Private Bag x5050


Dean MA Makgopa, BA (Hons), (Unisa), MA (Stell), D.Litt et Phil (Unisa), J.S.T.C. (Setotolwane)
Executive Secretary E Chauke, BAdmin (Univen)
School Administrator TA Mmbadi, BAdmin (Hons), MPM (Univen)
Executive Secretary TC Mutele, BAdmin (Hons); MGS (Univen)

School Research Professor: MA Masoga, B.Th., BA (Hons) MA (UNP), MA (cum laude) (UNISA), PhD (UFS)
Research Assistant : C Turner, BA (Hons), MA (Wits)


Heads of Departments and Directors of Centre(s) are indicated by means of an asterisk

Associate Professor *TD Thobejane, Diploma Community Development (JHB, RSA), MSC (Southern New Hampshire University (Manchester, USA), DED (Massachusetts Amherst USA) PTC (Mokopane)
Senior Lecturers NR Raselekoane, BA (Hons) (Unin), MA (Unisa), D.Litt et Phil (Unisa), Cert. in Commonwealth Values in Youth Development (Commonwealth of Learning), UED(UNIN)
LN Maqubela, BA (Hons) (Unin), MA (Sociology) (Pret), PhD (UK)
TJ Mudau BA, HONSGS, MGS, PGCE, DED (Univen)
MH Mukwevho, BA (Hons), UED, MA, PhD (Univen)
Lecturers KG Morwe, B.Soc. Sc (SW), MSoc.SC (SW) (North West) (Sabbatical)
TP Mulaudzi, BA, HONSGS, MGS (Univen),

Senior Lecturers *PE Matshidze, BA, (Hons), UED, Postgraduate Diploma in Higher education (Rhodes), PGDIP (HE), LLB (Univen), LLM (Unisa), MPhil (Stellenbosch), PhD (Unizulu)
JLF Dederen, Kol, Lic (Ku-Leuven), PhD (Rau)
R Tshifhumulo, BA, (Hons), MA, PhD (Univen)
Lecturer M Jacobz, BA (Hons) Cum Laude (Stell), MA, Cum Laude (Stell)
NE Mathoho, BA (Hons), (UNIVEN), MPhil (UCT)
Junior Lecturer D Mabale, BA (Hons) (Univen), Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Heritage Studies) (Wits)

Senior lecturers *NE Phaswana, BA (Hons), UED, BEd (Univen), MA (Stell), MPhil (UCT), MM (Wits), PhD (Michigan State University)
B Dube, BA, Grad. C.E. BA (Hons), MA (UZ) DPhil Journ (Stell)
M Mabika, Cert. DTP (UFH), Cert. Web-designing (UZ), Cert. Comm. & Journalism (CCOSA), Dip Comm. & Journalism (CCOSA), Commonwealth CYP Dip, BA, Media Studies (ZOU), MSSc. Comm. (UFH), DSS (Fort Hare University)
Lecturers TJ Chari, BA, Post Dip-Media & Comm. MA (UZ), PhD (Wits)
MF Sadiki, Diploma in Special Education (DoE), UED, Diploma in Educational Management, BA (Univen), BA (Hons)(Unin), MA (Stell), Cert. Comm. in Journalism (Cum Laude), (UNISA) PTC, (Rehlahlilwe)
FO Makananise, BA (Univen), BA (Hons) (UL), MA (Media Studies) (UL) PG (dip) HE at Rhodes University
Associate Professor *RR Molapo, BA (Hons), MA (UCT), PhD (UWC)
Senior Lecturers JDN van der Westhuizen, BA (Hons), BD, Dip.Theo Cum Laude (UP)
Lecturers EB Bvuma, BA. PAED (UNIN), BA (Hons) (UNISA), M-Dev (UL)
P Dzimiri, Executive Certificate in Defence and Security Management, (Wits), BA, MSC- International Relations (UZ), PGDIP (HE) (Stellenbosch), PhD (UP)
SF Mathagu, BAdmin (Hons) (Univen), MA (UNISA), Dip. Journalism (TF. Cardiff)
N Sibawu, BA, (Hons), (UFH) (Cum Laude), MA (UFS) (Cum Laude).
H Tshamano, BA (Hons) (Univen), MA (UJ) UED (Univen)
Mr MJ Masipa, BA (Ed), B Ed, MDev (University of Limpopo).
F Ramudzuli, BA, (Hons) UED (Univen), BA (Hons), Certificate (Forensics), Diploma- Security Risk Management, Post-graduate Diploma Archival Science (UNISA), MA (RAU), MBA (MANCOSA), Certificate-Project Management (Technisa)
Junior Lecturers R Mashamba, BA (Hons) (Univen)
MS Mokgola, BAIR (Univen), Hons Pol. (UL)

Professor Prof. H. Sewlall, Teachers Diploma (Springfield, Durban), BA (Unisa), BED (Unisa), BA, MA (Cum laude) (Unisa), PhD (North-West University- Potchefstroom)
Associate Professor *EK Klu, BA (Hons) (Ling) (IBADAN) MEd, DEd (Edu Ling) (RAU)
Senior Lecturers NCK Neeta, BA (UNZA), Post GradDipTesol, M Ed (Manchester), D.Litt (UP).
LMP Mulaudzi, BA, B.Ed, UED (Univen), MA (Wits), PhD (Univen)
I Ndlovu, BA (Hons) (UZ), MA, PhD (Stell), DipED. (HillSide Teachers’ College) (Zim)
MN Lambani, BA (Hons) (Unisa), MA (PU for CHE), DTECH (TUT), J.S.T.C. (VECO)
Lecturers VT Bvuma, BAEd (Unin), MEd (Tesl) (Notre Dame, USA).
MJ Maluleke, BA (Hons), MA (UL Turf), PhD (Univen)
AZ Nengome, BA, UED (Univen), BA (Hons) (Unin), MA (Wits)
PEA Ramaite-Mafadza, BED, BA (Hons) (Univen) MA (RAU), PhD (Univen)
GS Mashau, BA, (Hons) (Univen), MA, PhD (UL)
TE Radzilani, BA, (Unisa), BAED, BA (Hons), (Univen), PGD, MA (Stellenbosch),
PGD (Unisa).
M Mashala BA, HED (UNIN), ACE (UKZN), MA (Iowa State University), PGDip (Stellenbosch)
HA Motlhaka, BED (SPF), BA (Hons), MA (Indiana University of Pennyslyvania) (USA)
Junior Lecturer VN Demana, BA (Hons) (Univen)

Professor MA Makgopa, BA (Hons) (Unisa) MA (Stell), DLitt et Phil (Unisa) J.S.T.C. (Setotolwane)
Senior Lecturers JJ Thwala, BA (Hons), MA (Unizul), MA (Unisa), PhD (Unizul), J.S.T.C. (Mgwenya College), Dipl. HRM (BMT College)
*MT Chauke, BA(ED), BA (Hons) (Unin), MA (RAU), PhD (UL, Turf).
MT Babane, BA(Ed), BA (Hons) (Unin), M.Ed (Unin), D.Ed (Unisa)
NC Netshisaulu BA (Hons) (Univen), MA, PhD (Stell) UED (Univen)
MC Hlungwani, BA(Ed), BA (Hons) (Unin), MA, PhD (Stell)
LE Mphasha, BA (Hons) (Unin), MA, D.Litt et Phil (Stell), STD (Setotolwane)
Lecturers SL Baker, BA (Unisa), MA (UP), J.S.T.C.
M Mathabi, BA, BA (Hons), MA, UED (Univen), PhD, (Limpopo)
MR Raphalalani, BA (Hons), HED (Unin), MA (Stell), D.Litt (UNISA)
SA Tshithukhe, BA (Hons) (Unin), MA (Stell). J.S.T.C. (VECO)
A Mushwana, BA (Hons), MA (Univen)
KJ Nkuna, BA (Hons), MA, UED (Unizul)
TD Raphalalani, BA (Hons), MA (Univen) STD (VECO), Dipl. Ed Management (Univen), PhD (Univen)
NM Malele, BA (Vista), BA (Hons), MA (Pretoria), Diploma in Education, HEDP (Unisa), Diploma in Translation (Unisa)
Junior Lecturers MG Maluleke, BA (Unisa), BA (Hons) (UP), PTD (Mokopane)
PJ Masilela, BA (UP) BA (Hons) (Univen)

Professor *MG Mapaya, BMus, HDE (UCT), MMus (Wits) PhD (Univen)
Lecturers CJ Hoffman, BMus (Hons) (PU for CHE), HED, (Unisa)
HA Khosa, BMus (Univen), MTech (TUT), Certificate in Arts Administration (North West University)
MF Mokgetle, BMus, MAAS (Univen)

Senior Lecturer *LD Mogorosi, BA (SW) (Unin), BA (SW) (Hons) (Unizul), MS, DSW, (Columbia University)
Lecturers GM Lekganyane, BA (SW) (Unin), BA (SW) (Hons) (Pretoria), MA (Rau), DSC
TC Matsea, BA (SW), MA (SW) (Stellenbosch), Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Univen), Higher Certificate in Management- FPD Business School
N Phiri, B.A. (SW) Fort Hare, MA (SW) (Unisa), (Sabbatical)
AL Shokane, BA Soc Sc (SW), Postgaduate Diploma in Higher Education (Rhodes) PGDIP (HE), MA Soc Sc (SW) (RAU)
MM Mamaleka, BA (SW), (Unin), MA (SW), (UFS)
MA Mabasa, BA (SW), MA (SW), (UL)
TV Baloyi, BASW (Unisa), MA (SW) (UP)
Junior Lecturers NJ Budeli BASW, (Univen); BA (Hons) HIV/AIDS, (Unisa), Advanced Certificate: Labour Law (UFS), PGDE (Rhodes), MA (SW) (UL)
V Nemutandani BASW, (Univen), PGDE (Rhodes)