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Members of Convocation of the University of Venda are cordially invited to attend the Annual General Meeting(AGM) of the Convocation which is scheduled as follows :

Date     : Saturday, 07 December 2019
Time    : 09h30
Venue  : University of Venda Auditorium

In line with the University’s endeavor to transform itself to be responsive to the ever-changing needs and to achieve its mandate, a decision has been taken to review the composition of structures of governance. This noble endeavor will improve efficiency and the effectiveness of the University.

Within the above context, Convocation, a critical component, of the University’s organs, is one of those structures that need review. To this end, the Convocation seeks to attract former students from diversified areas of study whose knowledge, expertise and exposure will, in the line with its mandate provided by the statute, assist the University to compete with the best in the tertiary education environment.

In order to achieve this, candidates’ suitability will be evaluated in line with the criteria set which is available on the website. Qualifying candidates will be shortlisted to be eligible for election.

In terms of rule 58(a)-(d) of the University of Venda statute, the convocation consists of (a) all the persons, other than the persons referred to in subparagraph(b), who were immediately before the commencement of this statute members of the convocation of the university, (b) the vice chancellor, the deputy vice chancellors, the registrar and the director library services of the university, (c) such academic employees and such other employees as may be designated by Council on the recommendation of senate to be members of the convocation and (d) all graduates of the university.


  1. Report of the President of Convocation
  2. State of the campus report
  3. Elections of the President and Vice President of Convocation as well as five additional members


(a) Members of convocation who wish to make nominations for President of Convocation, Vice President of Convocation and five additional members must complete the prescribed Nomination Form to be made available on the website(www.univen.ac.za) and submit the completed form(s) together with relevant documents to the University of Venda Main Administration Building, Office No 53. Ground Floor or email to alumni@univen.ac.za .Nominations will open on the 18 October and close on 28 October  2019.


RSVP by not later than 30th November 2019 by completing the form below

Confirmation assists in membership validation, preparation of the voters roll and other logistics. A person who does not appear on the Convocation roll will not be allowed to attend the Annual General Meeting.

For additional information, please contact the Convocation and Alumni Office  (015) 962 8338 or visit www.univen.ac.za/alumni

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