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Creating a conducive environment for quality teaching, learning and research requires a strong academic workforce, hard-working students and appropriate infrastructure that provide a dignified working environment for both staff and students to excel. Univen’s academic project has benefited immensely in the past eight years from unprecedented investment in new infrastructure projects, such as lecture halls, student residences, offices, laboratories and refurbishment and renewal of various facilities like the library and staff houses. The pride and commitment of our staff and our students and their appreciation of the new and clean working and studying environment cannot be overstated. The development of Univen’s infrastructure is based on the infrastructure and utilities master plan that guides development of new projects on the campus.

Future designs of buildings will continue to be innovative, attractive, simplistic, of high architectural quality and easy to maintain. Due to the massive infrastructure roll-out, Univen will appoint external industrial engineers to assist in assessing and advising on value-for-money and optimal-investment as well as conducting professional monitoring and reporting. Univen is planning campus development in line with its infrastructure campus Master plan 2020.

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