School of Management Sciences

Exams Notice

Exams Notice

END-YEAR EXAMINATIONS SCHEDULE: 1 to 17 November 2017 Students are reminded print exam admission slips and present them to gain access to examination venues for all sessions. SUPPLEMENTARY EXAMINATIONS SCHEDULE: 23 to 28 November 2017. It remains the student responsibility to check supplementary list regularly on My Access.
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Obama Foundation Fellowship Programme in USA, 2018 Obama Foundation Application Deadline: October 6, 2017 Apply Now Imperial College London Brilliant Minds MBA Scholarship in UK, 2018 Imperial College London, United Kingdom Application Deadline: January 26, 2018 Apply Now Trudeau Foundation Scholarships for International Students in Canada, 2018 Trudeau Foundation Application Deadline: December 8, 2017 Apply Now Oxford University - Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme in UK, 2018 University of Oxford, United Kingdom Application Deadline: 8 or January 19, 2018 Apply Now Canada - African Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship for Sub-Saharan
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How to Apply

How to Apply

Univen has two different methods of applying, you can either use the traditional method or apply online Online Application Click here to Apply Online Traditional Paper Application (Click here to download hardcopy application form) To apply for admission at the University of Venda, simply print the form and post it back with the required documentation, and signatures to: The Registrar Student Admissions University of Venda Private Bag x5050 Thohoyandou 0950 Closing date: 29 September 2017 @ 12:00 For more information contact: Mr Seth Ugoda Chief Admissions Officer: Student Administration +27 15 962 8882/ +27
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Courses Offered

Courses Offered

Download the full Univen Prospectus 2018 (PDF) Admission Enquiries For more information contact: Mr Seth Ugoda Chief Admissions Officer: Student Administration +2715 962 8882/ 8983/ 8977/8953 E-mail: Mr Takalani Nyelisani Schools Liaison Officer, Communications and Marketing 015 962 8339 E-mail:
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About the School of Management Sciences

About Us

Welcome to the School of Management Sciences (SMS) which is one of the oldest schools at the University of Venda. SMS was established in 1984 shortly after the inception of the University of Venda. Initially it was named the Faculty of Business and Administration which later changed to be the School of Business, Economics and Administrative Sciences. In 2002, it merged with the School of Law to become the School of Management Sciences and Law. The school was subsequently de-coupled from the Law School in 2006 to assume its current name.

At its inception in 1984, SMS consisted of the four departments namely Accounting, Economics, Business Economics and Public Administration. Business Economics has since changed name to Business Management. The Department of Industrial Psychology was added to the School in 1985 and its name has since 2002 been changed to the Department of Human Resource Management & Labour Relations. Following the re-engineering of the University of Venda in 2002 two more departments, Business Information Systems and Tourism and Hospitality Management were established. At the same time one institute of Oliver Tambo Institute of Governance & Policy Studies was also established.

As such, SMS offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the disciplines of Financial Accounting; Business Management; Cost Management; Economics; Human Resources and Labour Relations; Information Systems; Public Administration and Governance; and Tourism Management. Therefore, the qualifications awarded by SMS include generic Bachelor of Commerce degrees in Accounting, Business Information Systems, Business Management, Economics, Human Resource Management & Labour Relations, Tourism as well as degree in Public Administration.

From the 11511 students currently enrolled at UNVEN in 2013, 1858 are students in the SMS and of which 1744 undergraduates and 114 postgraduates.


The Vision of SMS is to be the Centre of tertiary education in Economic and Management Sciences for rural and regional development in Southern Africa.


In accordance with the Mission and Vision of the Comprehensive University of Venda, the School of Management Sciences offers a range of academic and career-focused programmes in the Economic and Management Sciences that promote rural and urban development in the Southern Africa using appropriate methodologies and research. We strive to empower our students through professional training and facilitation so as to add value to their future endeavours


In line with institutional values are:

  • Quality and excellence
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Social responsibility and community engagement
Dean's Profile

Prof. Armstrong Kadyamatimba was appointed as Dean of the School of Management Sciences at the University of Venda in November 2013. He holds a PhD in Computer Sciences from University of Lancaster, UK and MSc in Computer Engineering from Lvov Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine. Prior to his appointment as Dean, Prof A Kadyamatimba was first the HOD of Business Information Systems (BIS) Department which he is started in 2002 upon joining UNIVEN. In July that year, he was additionally appointed Executive ICT Director at UNIVEN until 2007. In his position as Executive Director, he managed to source out computer equipment worth 2.5 million Rands for the first open lab at the University housed in ICT-II.
Prof A Kadyamatimba started his IT teaching career from Zimbabwe in 1986 at the Harare Polytechnic and then National University for Science & Technology in Bulawayo. He has supervised several postgraduate students at Honours, Masters and PhD levels. He has externally examined a number of dissertations/theses from other Universities. He has also reviewed some successful research proposals. His research interests are in IT Cyber Security, Data mining, Social Networking and Business Intelligence.

The following undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes are offered in the SMS:

Management Sciences Extended Degree


Bachelor of Administration Extended Programmes:
Economics BADECX
Human Resources Management BADHRX
Public Administration BADPMX
Bachelor of Commerce Extended Programmes :
Accounting BCOACX
Business Information Systems BCOITX
Business Management BCOBEX
Cost and Management Accounting BCOCMX
Economics BCOECX
Human Resources Management BCOHRX
Tourism Management BCOTMX
Bachelor of Economics Extended   Programme BECONX

Department of Accounting and Auditing:

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Cost and Management Accounting
  • Bachelor of Honours in Financial Accounting
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Cost and Management Accounting
  • Master of Commerce in Accounting
  • Master of Commerce in Management Accounting
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) /Doctor of Commerce (DCOM) in Accounting
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)/Doctor of Commerce (DCOM) in Management Accounting

Department of Business Information System:

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Business Information Systems

Department of Business Management:

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Business Management
  • Master of Commerce (MCOM) in Business Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)/Doctor of Commerce (DCOM) in Business Management

Department of Economics:

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Economics
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Economics Honours
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics
  • Master of commerce (MCOM) in Economics
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)/Doctor of Commerce in Economics
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)/Doctor of Economics (D.Econ) in Economics

Department of Human Resource Management and Labour Relations:

  • Bachelor of commerce in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of commerce Honours in Human Resource Management
  • Master of commerce (MCOM) in Human Resource Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)/Doctor of Commerce (DCom) Human Resource Management

Department of Public and Development Administration:

  • BAdmin (Public Administration)
  • BAdmin (Economics)
  • BAdmin (Human Resource Management)
  • Honours Bachelor of Administration
  • Honours in Development Management
  • MAdmin by Research
  • Doctor of Administration (DAdmin)/
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Administration

Department of Tourism Management:

  • BCOM (Tourism Management)
  • BCOM Honours in Business Management (Tourism)

Oliver Tambo Institute of Governance and Policy Studies:

Masters degree by Course work in:

  • Public Management (MPM)
  • Municipal Management (MMM)
  • Development Management (MDM)
Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees New National Senior Certificate (NSC)


  • To be admitted to any programme of study, an NSC applicant must have a minimum Admission Point Score (APS) of at least 26 (excluding Life Orientation) and an achievement rating of at least 3 (40%) in English.
  • To be admitted to a Degree Programme, the applicant must have an NSC, with minimum achievement rating of at least 4 (50% or above) in four recognized NSC 20 credit subjects, with school and programme specific requirements.
  • To be admitted to a Diploma Programme, an NSC, with a minimum achievement rating of at least (3) 40% in four recognized NSC 20 credit subjects, with school or programme specific requirements.
  • To be admitted to the Higher Certificate, the applicant must have an NSC, with institutional subject requirements.



National Senior Certificate (NSC) applicants must:

  • Meet requirements for admission into Bachelor’s degree with a minimum Admission Point Score (APS) of 32 (excluding Life Orientation) AND
  • An achievement rating of at least 4 (50 – 59%) in English.

Students with an APS of 28 – 31 (excluding Life Orientation) and an achievement rating of at least 4 (50 – 59%) in English may be considered for Extended Programmes.

Career opportunities

Accountant/Bookkeeper, Auditor, Tax Manager/Consultant,
Personnel Manager, Office Manager/Administrator in national, provincial or local government,
nongovernmental organisations, business organisations, Social Development Manager,
Small Business Manager/Advisor/ Entrepreneur, Tourist and Hotel Industry Manager, Business
Management Information Expert, Economist/ Financial Institutional worker in banking, insurance,
Lecturer, Researcher in all of these fields.


Ms S.C Murovhi, Dean’s Secretary, Tel: +27 15 962 8706

Dean A Kadyamatimba, MSc (Lvov-USSR), PhD (Lancaster, UK), MZCS (Zim), MBCS, MIEE, & Chartered Eng (UK)
Secretary SC Murovhi, Dip in Mgmt & BBA (SBS)
School Administrator vacant

Heads of Departments/Centres, and Institutes are indicated by means of an asterisk*

Associate Professors *EK Oseifuah, BA (Hons), MSc in Finance & Acc, ACCA, CIMA, (UK), MTP (SA)
V Moyo, MSc (Leicester, UK), MBA (Manchester, UK), (UP), FCCA (UK), FCMA (UK)
Senior Lecturers G Katekwe BCom (UFH), BCom (Hons), CTA (UNISA), CA (SA)
N Machaya BCom (UFH), BCom (Hons), CTA (UNISA), CA (SA)
F Mache, BBS Hon (UZ), ACIS (Zim), MSc (NUST – Zim)
DC Manda, BA (Malawi), Bus Acc (Australia), MBA (Strathclyde, UK) CPA, CFA (SA)
M Mashamba, BAcc (UFS) BAcc Hon / CTA (UNISA), CA (SA)
KM Masia, BCom (Hon) / CTA (UNISA), MCom (UP), CA (SA)
L Maunzagona, BCom (Hons) / CTA, PGDA (UFH), CA (SA)
C Munkuli, BCom (UFH), BCom Hon / CTA (UNISA), CA (SA)
NF Munzhelele, BCom (Univen), PGD (Natal) BCom Hon (UKZN), MCom (UP)
N Musekwa, BCom (Hons) / CTA (UP), CA (SA)
LJ Muthivhi, BCom (Hons) (UKZN), CA (SA)
P Rambuda, BCom (Hons) / CTA (UKZN), CA (SA)
N Shuro, BBA Acc (Solusi), BCom (Hons), PGDA (UNISA), CA (Zim), CA (SA)
Lecturers MP Ndou, BCom (Hons) & UED (Univen), MBA (UL)
NE Ramafhidza, BCom (Hons) & UED (Univen), MBA (Regent Buss School)
A Tshifhango, BCom (UFS), BCom Hon / CTA (UNISA)

Business Information Systems:
Professor A Kadyamatimba MSc in Electronic Eng (Lvov-USSR), PhD (Lancaster, UK), MZCS (Zim), MBCS, MIEE, & Chartered Eng (UK)
Senior Lecturer *D Tutani, BSc (Hons) & MSc (NUST – Zim), MCP, MCSA
Lecturers T Chibonda, BSc (Hons) & MSc (NUST – Zim)
S Madzvamuse, BSc (Hons) (Jose Verona: Cuba), MSc in Comp Sci (UZ – Zim) & PG Dip in HE (Rhodes)
F Manzira, BSc (Hons) (MSU – Zim), MSc in Info Sys (FINLAND), MSc in Info Mgnt (Tilburg Univ-Netherlands) & MSC in Mgt & IT (Aix en Provence – France)
W Munyoka, BSc (MSU-Zim) & MSc (UZ-Zim)

Business Management: Associate Professor Vacant
Senior Lecturer R Shambare, Assoc in Sci (Reinhardt), PDip (Zim), M-Tech & D-Tech (TUT)
Lecturers NT Khohomela, BCom (Hons) & UED (Univen), Cert in CSM, Cert in BBF (Unisa), MBA (Regent Business School)
TR Musetsho, BCom (Hons), Dip Ed Mngt, UED (Univen), MBA (UL)
TR Netshilinganedza, BA (Hons), BCom (Hons), MBL (Unisa), Dip in Ed Mngt, JSTC (VECO)
LG Nkondo, BCom (Hons) (Univen), MBA (North West) HED (Unisa)
NG Ramavhona, BA, (Hons), MA, UED (Univen)
S Zindiye, BCom (Hons), MCom (UFH)

Professor AB Gyekye, BSc (Hons) (UST-Ghana), MA in Eco (Virgina), PhD (Ohio State)
Senior Lectures *G Dafuleya, BSc (Hons), MSc (Zim)
Lecturers MA Dagume, STD (Veco), BEd (Unisa), BA (Hons) (Univen), MA (UJ), PHD
AR Khangale, BSc, BCom (Hons) (Univen)
EN Molatsana, SSTC (Setotolwane), BCom (Unisa), BCom (Hons) & MCom (UP)
AI Nemushungwa, BCom (Hons) & UED (Univen), MCom (UJ)
NL Ramavhona, BAEd (Univen), BCom (Hons) (UCT), MAP Cert (Wits), Cert CPBPM (Wits), MBL (Unisa)
Junior Lecturers F Sikhitha, BA (Hons) & UED (Univen)
RV Mudzanani, BCom (Hons) (Univen)
TW Munzhelele, BA, UED & BA (Hons) (Univen)
Teaching Assistant E Nesindande, BCom & BCom (Hons) (Univen)

Extended Programme:
Senior Lecturer *RF Mashamba, BCom, BEd (UL), BCom (Hons) (Univen), MBA (Georgia State), HED (UL) & PG Dip in HE (Rhodes)
Lecturers MA Nenzhelele, BCom (Hons) (Univen) STD (Soweto College of Educ), MBA (MANCOSA)
S Ndlovu, BA (Unisa), BA (Hons) (UKZN), MPhil (UCT)
NM Nndwamato, STD (VECO), BA & BA (Hons) (Univen)
Junior Lecturer A Khosa, BA (UWC), PGD in Mgmt (HR) (UCT), Dip in Marketing (DHET),

Human Resources Management and Labour Relations
Associate Professor SS Babalola, BSc Hon (Nigeria); MSc, PhD (Ibadan, Nigeria)
Senior Lecturer *TS Setati, BAdmin (Hons), MAdmin (UL), PhD (NWU)
Lecturers K Khashane, BCom (Hons) & UED (Univen), Cert in BM (Potch), MAdmin (UL)
SI Mosola-Sehlabaka, BAdmin (Hons), MAdmin (UFH)
H Ngirande, BSoc (Hons) & MCom (UFH)
Teaching Assistant TR Leboho, BAdmin & BCom (Hons) (Univen)

Public and Development Administration
Professor *MJ Mafunisa, BAdmin (Hons) (Univen), MAdmin & DAdmin (UP), Cert in the Protection of Human Rights (IIAP, France)
Associate Professors MP Khwashaba, BAdmin (Hons) (Univen), MAdmin (Unisa), PhD (Univen)
NJ Vermaak, BA (Hons) & MA (UJ), PhD (Unisa)
Lecturers J Fourie, BA (Hons) (UJ)
E Mahole, BAdmin (Hons) & MAdmin (Univen)
MM Nekhavhambe, BAdmin (Hons) (Univen), MPA (UP)
MJ Sethu, BA (Hons) & MPA (UP)
MT Silima, BAdmin, DIPPA (Univen), BAdmin Hon (UL), MA (UJ)
Junior Lecturer TM Mabitsela, BAdmin (Hons) (UL)

Tourism and Hospitality Management
Senior Lecturer *T Nethengwe, Cert in Basics of TQM, ND (Natal), B-Tech (VUT), PGD (Natal), MSc (Wagenigen)
NN Tshipala, NDip, B-Tech, M-Tech & D-Tech (TUT)
Lecturers M Mokabe, BA (NWU), B-Tech & M-Tech (TUT)
S Nyikana, NDip & B-Tech (WSU), M-Tech (CPUT)
FH Sumbana, BA (Hons) (Univen), MA (UJ), MBA (University of Luton and Regent College in SA)
Junior Lecturers RS Khashane, Dip & B-Tech (DUT), PGCE (UNISA)
M Manuga, NDip & B-Tech (VUT)
M Nkuna, NDip & B-Tech (CPUT)
MM Segooa, BCom (Hons) (Univen)

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