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To produce education professionals and to generate and advance knowledge, skills, values and attitudes through excellence in teaching, research and community services that promote the quality of life for rural and regional development.


As a school in a comprehensive university responsive to the development needs of the Southern African region, the School of Education is committed to:

  • Educate highly qualified graduates and responsible teachers and school managers by offering advanced and relevant professional training.
  • Advance, create and disseminate knowledge through research and provide, as part of our community service, relevant expertise to assist societies in cultural, social and economic development.
  • Contribute to the development and improvement of education at all levels through initial professional education of teachers and further development training of teachers in the employment of both public and independent schools.


We value:

  • Human dignity and respect diversity
  • Academic freedom and professionalism
  • Intellectual development of staff and students at all costs.
  • A democratic, collaborative and collegial working environment where individuals and groups of academic openly air their views.
  • Respect for staff and students as practitioners who are critical and reflective thinkers, and creative problem-solvers.

The primary mandate of the school is to prepare and provide teachers of the highest quality for the school systems in the Southern African region.