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The School of Environmental Sciences was established in 1995 with only 35 students. Currently, the School is one of the largest and has the most comprehensive programmes in Environmental Sciences in the whole of South Africa and even in the SADC region.

The major goal of the School is manpower training and applied research in environmental sciences. The object of manpower training and applied research is first to understand the nature and characteristics of the "natural" and human environment and second to apply that understanding to analyse and evolve strategies and policies that promote sustainable development of resources in order to help alleviate poverty and other socio-economic woes within the region through the dissemination of knowledge and skills on sustainable resource allocation, development and management.

To be the centre of excellence in environmental sciences through active generation and dissemination of knowledge and skills so as to enhance sustainable utilization of natural resources for national and regional development

To provide professional training in environmental sciences at all levels and to undertake applied research that links the University to the needs of the region, nation and international community.


The School has seen a steady growth-rate in students' population. For example, in the last 7 years, the number of students has increased as follows: