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Welcome to the School of Management Sciences (SMS) which is one of the oldest schools at the University of Venda. SMS was established in 1984 shortly after the inception of the University of Venda. Initially it was named the Faculty of Business and Administration which later changed to be the School of Business, Economics and Administrative Sciences. In 2002, it merged with the School of Law to become the School of Management Sciences and Law. The school was subsequently de-coupled from the Law School in 2006 to assume its current name.

At its inception in 1984, SMS consisted of the four departments namely Accounting, Economics, Business Economics and Public Administration. Business Economics has since changed name to Business Management. The Department of Industrial Psychology was added to the School in 1985 and its name has since 2002 been changed to the Department of Human Resource Management & Labour Relations. Following the re-engineering of the University of Venda in 2002 two more departments, Business Information Systems and Tourism and Hospitality Management were established. At the same time one institute of Oliver Tambo Institute of Governance & Policy Studies was also established.

As such, SMS offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the disciplines of Financial Accounting; Business Management; Cost Management; Economics; Human Resources and Labour Relations; Information Systems; Public Administration and Governance; and Tourism Management. Therefore, the qualifications awarded by SMS include generic Bachelor of Commerce degrees in Accounting, Business Information Systems, Business Management, Economics, Human Resource Management & Labour Relations, Tourism as well as degree in Public Administration.

From the 11511 students currently enrolled at UNVEN in 2013, 1858 are students in the SMS and of which 1744 undergraduates and 114 postgraduates.


The Vision of SMS is to be the Centre of tertiary education in Economic and Management Sciences for rural and regional development in Southern Africa.


In accordance with the Mission and Vision of the Comprehensive University of Venda, the School of Management Sciences offers a range of academic and career-focused programmes in the Economic and Management Sciences that promote rural and urban development in the Southern Africa using appropriate methodologies and research. We strive to empower our students through professional training and facilitation so as to add value to their future endeavours


In line with institutional values are:

  • Quality and excellence
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Social responsibility and community engagement