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The department offers programmes in Agricultural Economics with the particular objective of providing students with necessary skills and competence in applying economic principles to provide solutions to problems of agriculture and rural development.

Below is a list of the modules offered by the department.

CODE NAME OF MODULE (Prerequisite in brackets)
AEC 2541 Intro. to Agricultural Economics analysis
AEC 2641 Intro. to Marketing Agricultural products
AEC 3541 Farm Business management
AEC 3542 Agricultural sector planning and project appraisal (Prereq AEC2541)
AEC 3641 Marketing of agricultural products (Prereq AEC2641)
AEC 4541 Agricultural production economics (Prereq AEC3541)
AEC 4542 Agricultural policy in developing countries
AEC 4641 Natural resource and Environmental economics (Prereq AEC2541)
AEC 4642 Markets and price analysis (Prereq AEC3541)
AEC 4081 Project and seminar presentation
EXT 2541 Introduction to rural sociology
EXT 3641 Introduction to agricultural extension
EXT 5641 Communication and Extension for Rural Development
AEC 6541 Advanced agricultural production economics
AEC 6542 Advanced agribusiness management & marketing
AEC 6543 Research methodology
AEC 6641 Advance agricultural policy
AEC 6642 Research project and seminar
EXT 6641 Advance agricultural extension education
AEC 6099 Dissertation
AEC 7099 Thesis

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The following is a list of staff members in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.

Designation Name Contacts
HOD, Senior Lecturer

PK Chauke

BSc(Agric.)(Econ)(UFH),M.Inst(Agric)(Eco)(UP), PhD(Univen), HED

Tel: +27 15 962 8260
Ass. Professor

FDK Anim

BSc(Agric.)(Hons)(Ghana, M.Agric. Mgt. (Natal) PhD(Agric. Econ) (UP)

Tel: +27 15 962 8260

EN Raidimi

BSc(Agric)(Hons)(UFH), MSc(Agric. Ext) (Reading) PhD(UP)

Tel: +27 15 962 8307


TK Pfumayaramba

BSc(Agric.)(Hons)(UZ), MSc(Agric. Economics) (University of Zimbabwe)

Tel: +27 15 962 8712