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The programmes in Agricultural and Rural Engineering aim at training well qualified graduates who are well versed in the challenging Engineering and Rural Development issues faced by rural communities. These includes: Irrigation, Soil and Water Conservation and Management, Agricultural Structures, Farm Mechanization and Rural Industries, Crop Processing and Renewable Energy Technologies.
The programmes prepare graduates with necessary proeblem solving skills and competencies which will enable them to be highly innovative and be able to function effectively as:

  • Advisors, designers or supervisors of rural development projects
  • Applied scientists, the graduates will also be able to find employment as specialists in government, agribusiness, research and training institutions, and private consultancies and form their own business.

Below is a list of the modules offered by the department.

CODE NAME OF MODULE (Prerequisite in brackets)
ARE 2631 Agro-meteorology
ARE 2641 Introduction to Agricultural mechanization (Prereq AGR2531, ANS 2531, AGR 1631, MAT 1643, PHY1527)
ARE 3531 Engineering drawing and design I
ARE 3532 Farm workshop practices I (Prereq ARE 2641)
ARE 3543 Principles of surveying and measurements (Prereq MAT 1643, PHY1527)
ARE 3545 Renewable energy technologies (Prereq CHE 1624, MAT 1543, PHY1527)
ARE 3546 Farm structures (Prereq ARE 2641)
ARE 3547 Principles of irrigation and drainage (Prereq ARE 2631, ARE 2641)
ARE 3548 Soil and water conservation (Prereq ARE 2631, ARE 2641)
ARE 3641 Engineering drawing and design II (Prereq ARE 3531)
ARE 3632 Farm workshop practices II (Prereq ARE 3532)
ARE 3633 Irrigation and drainage system design (Prereq ARE 3547, ARE 3548)
ARE 3634 Post harvest processing technology (Prereq ARE 2641)
ARE 3646 Farm power and machinery (Prereq ARE 2641)
ARE 3647 Rural and urban transport systems (Prereq ARE 3543)
ARE 4521 Land use planning and management (Prereq ARE 3543, ARE 3548)
ARE 4522 Mechanization planning and costing (Prereq ARE 2641)
ARE 4543 Entrepreneurship in rural development
ARE 4544 Research methods and experimental designs
ARE 4526 Project and seminar presentation (Prereq ECS 1541)
ARE 4621 Selected topics in appropriate technology design (Prereq ARE 3634)
ARE 4622 Ergonomics and environmental safety (Prereq ARE 3646)
ARE 4641 Animal traction (Prereq ARE 2641)
ARE 4643 Rural water resource development (Prereq ARE 4541)
ARE 4644 Field practical/attachment
ARE 4645 Project and mini dissertation (Prereq ARE 4526)
ARE 5531 Soil - Plant - Water Relationships and Irrigation (Prereq ARE 3633)

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The following is a list of staff members in the Department of Agricultural and Rural Engineering.

Designation Name Contact Details
HOD, Senior Lecturer PF Kapila Tel: 015-962 8123
Senior Lecturer MO Marenya Tel: 015-962 8629
Chief Lab Technician MB Mongwai Tel: 015-962 8123