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The programme in Animal Science aims at training students with a holistic approach towards beef, lamb, pigs, poultry and associated animal species. Emphasis is placed on identification and solving problems associated with the diferent production systems.

Below is a list of the modules offered by the department.

CODE NAME OF MODULE (Prerequisite in brackets)
GEN 1641 Genetic basis of plant and Animal breeding
ANS 1541 Anatomy, histology and physiology of farm animals
ANS 2541 Basic principles of nutrition
ANS 2531 Introduction to Animal production (Prereq AGR1631)
ANS 2641 The feeding of farm livestock
ANS 3641 Reproductive physiology (Prereq ANS1541)
ANS 3531 Genetic principles in animal breeding (Prereq GEN1641,ANS2531)
ANS 3542 Management of ruminant farm animals (Prereq ANS1541,ANS2531)
ANS 3632 Principles of poultry science (Prereq ANS1541,ANS2531,ANS3641)
ANS 3633 Animal health (Prereq ANS1541,ANS2531)
ANS 4531 Qualitative and quantitative genetics (Prereq ANS3531,STA3648)
ANS 4532 Biochemical principles in animal science (Prereq ANS2541, BCM2521&22)
ANS 4081 Seminar/Scientific Project
ANS 4621 Animal production systems and management (Prereq ANS3531,ANS3632)
ANS 4632 Environmental physiology (Prereq ANS1541,ANS3641)
ANS 4081 Scientific project
ANS 5531 The science and management of monogastric animals
ANS 5532 The science and management of ruminant animals
ANS 5631 Selected topics in animal production
ANS 5632 Animal health and disease control
ANS 5099 Research project and mini dissertation
ANS 6541 Agricultural biometry
ANS 6531 Seminar presentation /special topic
ANS 6542 Ruminant nutrition
ANS 6543 Advance large stock production
ANS 6544 Advance pig production
ANS 6545 Advance animal breeding
ANS 6631 Seminar presentation / special topic
ANS 6642 Non ruminant nutrition
ANS 6643 Advance animal physiology and anatomy
ANS 6644 Advance small stock production
ANS 6645 Advance poultry production
ANS 6099 Dissertation
ANS 7099 Thesis

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The following is a list of staff members in the Department of Animal Science.

Designation Name Contact Details
HOD and Professor

DM Barry

BVSc (UP), MSc(Agric.), PhD(Stellenbosch)

Tel: 015-962 8598
Senior Lecturer

Dr K Benyi

MSc(Ghana), PhD(University of California)

Tel: 015-962 8300
Cell: 072 425 9464
Senior Lecturer

Dr. J J. Baloyi

BSc(Agric)(Hons)(University of Zimbabwe), MSc(UK), PhD(University of Zimbabwe)

Tel: 015-962 8206

Mr. M S Mikasi

BSc(Agric)(Univen), MSc(Agric)(Univen)

Tel: 015-962 8287

AJ Netshipale

BSc(Agric)(Univen), MSc(Agric)(Natal)

Tel: 015-962 8123

LR Themeli

(Bsc (Agric) (Unin) MSc(Agric)(Natal)

Tel: 015-962 8123
Farm Technician

Mahlako K T


Tel: 015-962 8300
Lab Assistant

EM Nyathi

BSc (Univen).

Tel: 015-962 8849