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The programme in Animal Science aims at training students with a holistic approach towards beef, lamb, pigs, poultry and associated animal species. Emphasis is placed on identification and solving problems associated with the diferent production systems.

Below is a list of the modules offered by the department.

CODE NAME OF MODULE (Prerequisite in brackets)
GEN 1641: Principles of genetics
ANS 2531: Introduction to Animal production
ANS 2532: Biochemical principles in animal nutrition (Prereq CHE 1545, CHE 1624)
ANS 2631: Principles of animal nutrition (Prereq ANS 2532)
ANS 2641: Anatomy, histology and physiology of farm animals
ANS 3531: Genetic principles in animal breeding (Prereq GEN1641,ANS 2531)
ANS 3542: Management of ruminant farm animals (Prereq GEN 1641;ANS 2641;ANS 2531)
ANS 3632: Principles of poultry production(Prereq ANS 2531, ANS 2631)
ANS 3633: Animal health (Prereq ANS 2641, ANS 2531)
ANS 3641: Reproductive physiology (Prereq ANS 2641)
ANS 4531: Qualitative and quantitative genetics (Prereq ANS 3531, STA 1649)
ANS 4532: Biochemical principles in animal nutrition (Prereq CHE 1545, CHE 1624)
ANS 4081: Seminar/Scientific Project
ANS 4621: Animal production systems and management (Prereq ANS3531, ANS3632)
ANS 4632: Environmental physiology (Prereq ANS 2641, ANS 3641)
ANS 5531: The science and management of monogastric animals
ANS 5532: The science and management of ruminant animals
ANS 5631: Selected topics in animal production
ANS 5632: Animal health and disease control
ANS 5099: Research project and mini dissertation
ANS 6541: Agricultural biometry
ANS 6531: Seminar presentation /special topic
ANS 6542: Ruminant nutrition
ANS 6543: Advance large stock production
ANS 6544: Advance pig production
ANS 6545: Advance animal breeding
ANS 6631: Seminar presentation / special topic
ANS 6642: Non ruminant nutrition
ANS 6643: Advance animal physiology and anatomy
ANS 6644: Advance small stock production
ANS 6645: Advance poultry production
ANS 6099: Dissertation
ANS 7099: Thesis
ANS 8099 : Thesis

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The following is a list of staff members in the Department of Animal Science.

Designation Name Contact Details
Head, Professor
DM Barry Tel:
Senior Lecturer)
Dr K Benyi Tel: +27 15962 8372
Cell: 072 425 9464
Senior Lecturer
Dr. J J. Baloyi Tel: +27 15 962 820
Mr. M S Mikasi Tel:
AJ Netshipale Tel:
Lab Technician
Mr.E M Nyathi Tel: +27 15 962 8625
Farm Technician
Mahlako K T Cell: 076 303 5399