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This annual event was started in 2008. All active researchers receive a Merit certificate for acknowledgement for being an active researcher. An active researcher is defined by having one of the following:

  • Receiving a grant from Research and Publications Committee (RPC) for research purposes under niche or non-niche areas.
  • Received funding for an international conference.
  • Has received publication funds.
  • Has published and received the publication incentive.
  • Has external funding for research purposes.
  • Had graduated a masters or doctoral student.
  • Is National Research Foundaton (NRF) rated.

A five member panel was established by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic to evaluate research activity and identify recipients of the merit certificates and awards. The panel reports the outcome to the Executive Management Committee (EMC) and later to the RPC and Senate. All active researchers, heads of departments and deans are invited tot the awards ceremony.

Vice Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Research