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The Career Development Unit is part of the Counselling and Career Development Services which will form part of the proposed Centre for Higher Education Teaching and Learning (CHETL).

Services are rendered by registered psychologists and counselors to promote mental health, social and emotional growth of students and staff. The unit also offers programmes and services that facilitate career development of students, ensure students choose and attain personally rewarding careers. Key functions are:

  • Provide counseling and therapy to students aimed at addressing challenges that negatively impact their academic performance and the quality of their life;
  • Develop and implement psycho-educational programmes to enhance student development and academic success;
  • Train and mentor peer helpers to assist in the orientation programme of first entering students;
  • Work collaboratively with other units in the University to promote student wellness;
  • Promote career assessments that help students to make course/module and subject selections in accordance with their aptitudes, interests and abilities;
  • Up-date students with current career opportunities and employment trends as well as train them on how to prepare resume and market themselves to prospective employers;
  • Establish linkages with business, industry, government and other educational institutions for purposes of graduate placement and experiential learning but also for sharing best practice.

1) Career Guidance/Information

  • Career guidance interviews at which students discuss their career plans with a career counsellor/ advisor
  • Students acquire career information concerning their degree programmes
  • Student brochures/calendars of other tertiary institutions in the RSA
  • Psychometric testing programme detailed feedback with recommendations on suitable study and career options.

2) Assisting students with job search skills such as:

  • CV and covering letter writing
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Networking with job markets/employers

3) Academic support skills such as:

  • Study Skills
  • How to increase your motivation
  • Time management skills
  • Effective examination skills
  • How to improve concentration

4) Graduate Recruitment Programme (GRP)

  • The purpose of the GRP is to allow employers to come and make presentations to final year and post-graduate students about the available careers or job opportunities.

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Mondays – Fridays
0800hrs – 1300hrs and 1400hrs – 1645hrs