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The department was established in 2009. The Department of Curriculum Studies has grown and developed tremendously in terms of programmes offered and teaching students population. The main role of the Department of Curriculum Studies and Education Management is to teach and research in the areas of Curriculum and Education Management. Most of the department’s teaching takes place on a postgraduate level. The staff of Curriculum Studies and Education Management comprises of permanent and temporary teaching staff members.

This department focuses on developing and upgrading Educators, Education administrators, School Managers and School Governors Circuit Managers, District managers, Curriculum designers/developers, curriculum managers, Curriculum advisers and Curriculum implementers.

The department also provides opportunities for in-service teachers to improve their qualifications and/or to re-direct their area of specialisation through the following programmes:

  • Two years part-time Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) is available in the specialisations of Remedial Education (ADCRE) and School Management and leadership.
    In order to achieve its mandate, the CSEM Department is guided by the following objectives:
7. Promote and develop learner-driven, community-based, problem-solving and outcome-based curriculum for Postgraduate students
8. Create an environment conducive to the culture of learning and teaching for the achievement of the Department’s objectives.
9. Provide evidence-based education which is strongly supported by research activities and findings.
10. Encourage and promote research and publication among staff and students.
11. Utilise the available modern pedagogic approaches such as the use of IT and E-learning for teaching and learning, research and community engagement.

The following qualifications are offered in the department:

1. Certificate in School Leadership & Management Skills CSLMS
2. Advanced Certificate in Education:
- Educational Management ACEEM
- Environmental Education ADCEE
- School Management and Leadership ACESML
3. Bachelor of Education Honours:
- Curriculum Studies BEDCS
- Guidance and Counseling BEDGC
4. Bachelor of Education Honors in Educational Management BEDEM
5. Master of Education MEd
- Curriculum Studies MEDCS
6. Master of Education in Educational Management MEDEM
7. Doctor of Education DEd
- Curriculum Studies
- Educational Management
- Psychology of Education
- Science
8. Doctor of Philosophy PhD
- Curriculum Studies
- Educational Management
- Psychology of Education
- Science

Certificate in School Leadership & Management Skills (CSLMS)

EOF 4511 Management of Organizational systems, Physical and Financial Resources
EMP 4511 Leadership and Management

EPM 4611 School Leadership and Management Portifolio of Evidence
ETM 4611 Management of Teaching and Learning

Advanced Certificates in Education (ACE)

Educational Management (ACEEM)


First semester
EDR 4521 Basic Educational Research
ORB 4521 Organisational Behaviour
ELE 4521 Law in Education

Second semester
EDR 4621 Basic Educational Research
SCM 4621 School Management
HIV 4621 HIV/AIDS for Teachers


First semester
HER 4521 Human Resource Management in Education
EDF 4521 Financial Management in Education

Second semester
EDL 4621 Education Leadership
SGO 4621 School Governance

Environmental Education (ADCEE)

Semester 1
EIE 4420 Environmental Crisis and Emerging Responses
EEE 4420 Ecology and the Environment

Semester 2
EMP 4620 Environmental Crisis and emerging responses
ECD 4620 Curriculum, Projection and Resource Development

School Management and Leadership (ACESML) (ACE for School Principals)


Semester 1
ELM 4511 Language skills in School Leadership
EGP 4511 School Development and Governance
EMP 4511 Leadership and Management

Semester 2
ESM 4611 Basic Computer Literacy for School Management
ESA 4611 School Leadership and Management in the South African Context
EPM 4611 Management and Leadership Competence Portfolio


Semester 1
EOF 4511 Management of Organizational systems, Physical and Financial Resources
EPA 4511 Assessment of Learning Outcomes OR
EML 4511 Management of Learning Programmes

Semester 2
ETM 4611 Management of Teaching and Learning
EMS 4611 Mentoring and Evaluation OR
EMA 4611 Educational Moderation


The B.ED (Hons) is the first postgraduate degree in the field of education.
Each qualification carries 120 credits.

Admission requirements
• Students must be in possession of a recognized University degree and a teacher qualification
• A four year integrated teaching qualification
• An advanced certificate in education.

Duration of the programme
Each degree is offered for the duration of a minimum of two years full-time.


Assessment will be according to the university rules.


Semester 1
EDR 5521 Educational Research
EDT 5521 Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategies
ECC 5521 Curriculum Design and Development

Semester 2
EDR 5621 Educational Research
HIV 5621 HIV & AIDS Education for Teachers
ECC 5621 Curriculum Design and Development

Semester 1
EDC 5521 Curriculum Management
EDE 5521 Curriculum Evaluation
EDT 5521 Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Semester 2
REP 5000 Research Project


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  • Marishane, RN. 2013. ‘Empowerment and accountability in implementing a ‘No-Fee School’ Policy: A challenge for school governing bodies’. Africa Education Review, Vol 10 (2) 2013.

Book publications:

  • Marishane, RN. 2011. School leadership in a changing context: a case for school-based management. Pretoria: Van Schaik.
  • Four chapters in:
  • Botha RJ (ed). 2013. Financial Management and leadership for schools. Co-authored by RN Marishane, P du Plessis, C Wolhuter, H Steyn and B Challens. Cape Town: Pearson Education South Africa (currently in print).

The following is a list of staff members in the Department of Curriculum Studies and Education Management

Designation Name Contacts
Senior Lecturer and Head of Department

Dr HN Mutshaeni:
Teaching areas:
Curriculum Studies.
Education Management
Research interests: Teaching and learning;
Curriculum studies.
Inclusive Education

Tel: +2715 962 8347
Fax: +2715 962 8050
Senior Lecturer

Dr N Marishane
Teaching areas:
Financial Management.
Education Management
Research interests:
Financial Management.
Education Management

Tel: +2715 962 8272
Fax: +2715 962 8050
Lecturer Mr TS Mashau
Teaching areas:
Law in Education.
History of Education
Research interests:
Social justice
Law in Education
Tel: +2715 962 8344
Fax: Fax: +2715 962 8050