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The library subscribed to a number of databases accessible over the internet. The databases are as follows:

DatabasesCoverageURL/ Web Address
1. Ebscohost Multi-disciplinary
2. SA-ePublications South African full-text journals
Multi- disciplinary
3. SA Media South African newspaper articles (full-text) Http://
4. Online legal Products (Sabinet Online) Government Gazettes, Netlaw (Principal Acts, Rules and Regulations), Parliamentary Bills, Provincial Gazetes Http://
5. Networked Digital Library Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) – Sabinet Online Multidisciplinary Http://
6. Bookdata (expanded) Future, new and in-print publications Http://
7. Science Direct Multi-disciplinary with strong emphasis on sciences Http://
8. JSTOR Multi-disciplinary Http://
9. Emerald Management Http://
10. NEXUS (NRF) Current and completed research including thesis and dissertations Http://
11. Web of Science Multi-disciplinary
12. African Journal Archive African journals Http://
13. African Journals Online African journals Http://
14. Directory of Open Access Journals Multi-disciplinary

Useful Websites

WebsiteURL / Web Address
1. RainbowNation (General Information about South Africa) Http://
2. Government Information and Documents Http://
3. South African Statistics Http://
4. Crime statistics Http://
5. Human Sciences Research Council Http://
6. Google Scholar