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Annette Lansink holds law degrees from universities in South Africa and the Netherlands.  She   obtained her bachelor of laws and master of law (Kand.; Mr. (Groningen)) from a leading research university, the four centuries old University of Groningen. She obtained a second LLM degree in constitutional and international law from the University of South Africa (LLM (UNISA)). She is currently the Dean of the School of Law at the University of Venda. She has extensive experience in higher education and has contributed to the transformation of the university in numerous leadership roles. She has been instrumental in helping to build the School of Law through curricular innovations and has put the School on the map through various partnerships, collaborations and linkages. Her research interests are in the areas of public international law, human rights, gender, migration and trafficking, and the transformation of higher education in South Africa. She was Rapporteur on women and migration for the prestigious global International Law Association’s Committee on Feminism and International Law. Consistent with her multi-disciplinary approach, she has in recent years again focused her attention on Africanisation of the law and epistemologies of the South. Given the breadth of her interests, she has published nationally and internationally in both scholarly journals and the popular media and delivered papers in many countries, institutions and fora, including the United Nations.


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  •  Lansink A. ‘Women and Migration’ Third Report of the ILA Committee on Feminism and International Law, in Professor Christine Chinkin and C Ward (eds) Report of the 72nd Conference of the International Law Association, Toronto (2006), published by the International Law Association, Charles Clore House, London (2006), 41 pages (p. 602-643) (with p.635-636 and p.640-643 contributed by Justice Sujata Manohar and p. 630-634 by Prof Janie Chuang ), ISSN 0074-6738.


  • Lansink, A. ‘Human Rights Focus on Trafficked Women: An International Law and Feminist Perspective’ 70 Agenda (2006), International Feminist Journal, p. 45-56.
  • Lansink, A.  Migration and Development: the Contribution of Migrant Women to Poverty Alleviation’ 81 Agenda (2009) p. 126-136. ISSN 1013-0950


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A representative sample of published intellectual reflections in newspapers and bulletins:

  • Prof Sipho Seepe, Annette Lansink, Prof Thandwa Mthembu, Dr Mashupye Kgaphola `Legitimising Inequality and Domination: A Response to the Best in Higher Education Survey’  Centre for Science Development Bulletin, March 1999 (HSRC) Pretoria.
  • Annette Lansink 'We should not be Seduced by Transformation Rhetoric' Mail & Guardian 22 November 2002.


  • Sipho Seepe and Annette Lansink `Wat is Transformasie? Die Voortsetting van Benadeling: Ras and klassehierargie’ (`What is transformation? Perpetuating Disadvantage: Racial and Class Hierarchy’) (on research universities and differentiation in higher education), Die Vrije Afrikaan together with Le Monde Diplomatique, vol. 15 (3) 20 October 2006.
  • Annette Lansink ‘South Africa and the Security Council Vote on Myanmar’ City Press, 3 February 2007.


  • Sipho Seepe and Annette Lansink, ‘Universities Must Still Carve out a Responsive Role in South Africa’, Business Day, 10 May 2010.