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The department of Economics is an integral and constituent part of the School of Management Sciences. It caters for the discipline of economics at both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. At the undergraduate level the Department offers Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics. At the postgraduate level, it offers Honours , MA ,MCOM and Ph.D programmes .

To be a centre of excellence for human capital development in economics for the nation the region and the world at large.

Mission of the Department
In accordance with the mission for the University of Venda, the Department of Economics aims, to produce a cadre of Economics graduates capable of gaining access to core economics jobs and/ or pursuing careers in government, private sector and civil society and in so doing empower the community the nation and the Southern African region.

The degree programmes offered are:

Module Codes, Titles and Credits

Bachelor of Commerce in Economics

Admission Requirements for the undergraduate degree programme under new National Senior Certificate (NSC)

To be admitted into the Bachelor of Commerce (in economics) BCOMEC degree programme, the applicant must have a minimum achievement rating of 3 (or 40%) in English. In addition the applicant must have a minimum of 3 (40%) or above in four recognized, NSC 20 credit subjects which must include at least two of the following 20 credit subjects: Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics or Information Technology.

Admission Requirements for the Undergraduate degree programme under the old Matriculation Senior Certificate.

To be admitted to the BCOMEC progrmme, an applicant must satisfy the following requirements(1) The general School Managements requirements of Matric exemption with the minimum total score of 30 (Univen) points or D (Higher Grade) or C (Standard Grade) pass or an average Univen score of 5 points per subjects and ;(2) the programme specific requirements of Matriculation exemption with at least C- symbol (Standard Grade) or D –Symbol (Higher Grade ) in English and a C- symbol (Standard Grade) in Economics plus a C- symbol (Standard Grade) or D – symbol (Higher Grade) in Any one of the following: Mathematics, Accounting or Business Economics.



MAT1545 or
BIS 1641

MAT1645 or

Two from


Two from


Two from:


Two from:

BMA3641 ACC3641

Bachelor of Commerce in Economics (Hons)

Admission Requirement for BCOM (Economics) Honours degree

A student wishing to enroll for the BCOM Honours degree in economics must have successfully completed BCOM (Undergraduate) degree in economics with an average mark of 60% for the final year undergraduate economics modules.

A student who has obtained an undergraduate degree at another university or any institution may apply for status recognition subject to the prescribed condition above.

The duration of study is one academic year (full time) or two academic years (part time)

Modules on offer

ECO 5521 Theory of Consumer and Producer Behaviour
ECO 5522 Advanced Macro-Economics: Close System
ECO 5523 Research Methodology and Applied Economics
ECO 5524 Econometrics

ECO 5621 Theory of Market Structure and General Equilibrium
ECO 5622 Advanced Macro-Economics: Open System
ECO 5625 Development Economics
ECO 5600 Mini Dissertation

One module to be selected from the following:

ECO 5623 Financial Markets and Institutions
ECO 5624 Monetary Theory and Policy

Admission requirements as per general regulations of the University. The examination comprises of eight (8) compulsory written papers and a minidissertation. The degree can be awarded with distinction.

Masters Degree in Economics

Admission Requirements for Masters degree in Economics

The Masters degree in economics is by research. An applicant wishing to enroll for the Masters degree in economics must have a BCOM Honours degree in economics or its equivalent in content. The minimum duration of study is one academic year.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Economics, Doctor of Commerce (DCOM) in Economics

An applicant wishing to enroll for the doctoral degree in Economics (PhD or DCOM) must have a relevant Masters degree or its equivalent. An applicant who has obtained a Masters degree at another university or any other accredited Institution may apply for status recognition. The doctoral degree in economics is by research. The minimum duration of study is two academic years (full time) and three years (part-time).

Module Codes, Titles and Credits

Code Module Title(Credits)
ACC 1541 Introduction to Financial Accounting(12)
ACC 1641 Financial Accounting (for various forms of business entities)(12)
ACC 1642 Accounting for Lawyers(12)
ACC 1643 Accounting for the Tourism Industry(12)
ACC 2541 Company Financial Statement (15)
ACC 2641 Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting(15)
ACC3541 External Financial Reporting(15)
ACC 3641 Managerial Accounting and Finance(15)

ACC 3542 Techniques and Applications(15)
ACC 3642 Costing and Control(15)
ACC 510 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACC 520 Advanced Management Accounting
ACC 530 Information Systems
ACC 540 Decision Making
ACC 550 Advanced Auditing
ACC 560 Advanced Taxation
ACC 570 Business Strategy
ACC 580 Financial Management
ACC 590 Research Methodology & Mini-dissertation

AUD 2541 Basic Auditing(15)
AUD 2641 Internal Auditing and Internal Control(15)
AUD 3541 General Auditing Procedures and Legal Professional Considerations(15)
AUD 3641 Public Practice and Practical Auditing Teachniques(15)

BFN 2641 Fundamentals of Business Finance(15)
BFN 3541 Business Finance Risk and Working Capital
BFN 3641 Finance and Dividend Decisions(15)

BMA 1541 Introduction to Business Management(12)
BMA 1641 Functional areas of Business Management(12)
BMA 2541 Purchasing and Supply Management(15)
BMA 2641 Human Resources Management(15)
BMA 3541 Marketing Management(15)
BMA 3641 General Management(15)
BMA 3542 Project Management(15)
MBA 3642 Electronic Commerce(15)

BIS1542 Principles of Commercial Programming(12)
BIS1642 Database Concepts(12)
BIS 1541 Information Technology Concepts(12)
BIS 1641 Computer Applications and Packages(12)
BIS 2541 Business Data Communication and Networks(15)
BIS 2542 Object-Oriented Programming(15)
BIS 2543 Info Systems/IT Security(15)
BIS 2641 System Analysis and Design(15)

BIS 2642 Internet and Web Design Technology(15)
BIS 2643 Mobile & Wireless Info Systems(15)
BIS 3541 Information System Management(15)
BIS 3542 IT Project Management(15)
BIS 3543 Database System Management(15)
BIS 3642 Information Systems Project(15)
BIS 3641 Electronic Commerce(15)

FEN 1540 Foundation English(12)
FEN 1640 Foundation English(12)
FUS 1540 Foundation University Skill(12)
FUS 1640 Foundation University Skills(12)
FET 1540 Foundation Entrepreneurship(12)
FNU 1540 Foundation Numeracy(12)
FCT 1540 Foundation Critical Thinking(12)
FAC 1640 Foundation Accounting(12)
FEM 1640 Foundation Economics(12)
FBS 1640 Foundation Business Statistics(12)
FBM 1640 Foundation Business Management(12)
FHR 1640 Foundation Human Resource Management(12)

COL1541 Principles of Commercial law
COL1642 Specific commercial Laws
COL 2541 Commercial Law
COL 2641 Commercial Law

DMS 1541 Development Studies I: Concept and Approaches & Interdisciplinary Characteristics(12)
DMS 1641 Development Studies II: Context and Multidisciplinary Development Constraints(12)
DMS 2541 Development research methodology, Philosophies & Theories(15)
DMS 2641 Development policy, strategy, project and programme management(15)
DMS 3541 Community development, integrated rural and urban development management(15)
DMS 3641 Science, technology, information for sustainable community, rural and urban development(15)

ECO 1541 Basic Microeconomics 12
ECO 1641 Basic Macroeconomics 12
ECO 1542 Basic Economics for Public Administration I 12
ECO 1642 Basic Economics for Public Administration II 12
ECO 2541 Intermediate Macroeconomics(15)

ECO 2641 Intermediate Macroeconomics(15)
ECO 2542 Applied Mathematics in Economics(15)
ECO 2642 Introduction to Econometrics(15)

ECO 2543 Environmental and Resource Economics I(15)
ECO 2643 Environmental and Resource Economics II(15)
ECO 2544 Labour Economics (For enrolment before 2005 only)(15)
ECO 2644 Financial Economics (For enrolment before 2005 only)(15)
ECO 2645 Financial Economics (For enrolment in 2005 and onwards)(15)
ECO 3541 International Trade and Finance(15)
ECO 3641 The South African Economy(15)
ECO 3542 Public Finance(15)
ECO 3642 The Economics of Africa(15)
ECO 3543 History of Economic Thought(15)

ECO 3643 Money and Banking(15)
ECO 3544 Industrial Economics(15)
ECO 3644 Project Work(15)
ECO 3645 Labour Economics (For Enrolment in 2005 and wards)(15)
ECO 5521 Consumer Behaviour and Theory of Production
ECO 5621 Theory of Structure, General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics
ECO 5522 Advanced Macroeconomics: Close System
ECO 5523 Research Methodology and Applied Economics
ECO 5524 Econometrics
ECO 5622 Advanced Macroeconomics: Open System
ECO 5623 Financial Market and Institutions
ECO 5624 Monetary Theory and Policy
ECO 5625 Development Economics
ECO 5626 Environmental and Resource Economics
ECO 5600 Mini-Dissertation
ECS 1541

HRM1541 Psychological Foundations of Human Resource Management(12)
HRM 1641 Introduction to Industrial Psychology: Part II(12)
HRM 2521 Occupational Psychology(15)
HRM 2522 Human Resources Development(15)
HRM 2621 Research Methodology(15)
HRM 2622 Psychometrics(15)
HRM 3521 Human Resources Management(15)
HRM 3522 Ergonomics(15)
HRM 3621 Organisational Psychology(15)
HRM 3622 Industrial Relations(15)
HRM 5522 Strategic Human Resources Management
HRM 5523 Industrial and Labour Relations
HRM 5521 Research Methodology
HRM 5524 Human Resources Development
HRM 5525 Leadership, Group Dynamics and Team Building
HRM 5526 Compensation, Motivation and Productivity
HRM 5527 Comparative Industrial Relations
HRM 5528 Employees and Trade Union Organizations
HRM 5529 Collective Bargaining and Dispute Resolution
HRM 5621 Psychological Assessment
HRM 5622 Mini-Dissertation
HRM 5623 Organizational Design, Structure and Change
HRM 5624 Occupational Health and Safety Management
HRM 5625 Performance and Career Management
HRM 5626 Ergonomics
HRM 5627 Consumer Behaviour
HRM 5628 Industrial Democracy and Quality of Worl Life
HRM 5629 Affirmative Action, Diversity Management and Empowerment.
MAT 1545 Business Mathematics I
MAT 1645 Business Mathematics II

LGA 1541 Local Government: Concept, Political and Administrative Context(12)
LGA 1641 Local Government: Structural and Functional Aspects(12)
LGA 2541 Development of South African Local Government(15)
LGA 2641 Functional Aspects and comparative Local Government(15)

PAD 1541 Introduction to Public Administration I: Concept and Context 12
PAD 1641 Introduction to Public Administration II: The South African 12
PAD 2541 Policy-making, Organising and Financing(15)
PAD 2641 Staffing, Determining Work Procedures and Control(15)
PAD 3541 Context of Management(15)
PAD 3641 Issues in National and International Public Administration(15)
PAD 3542 Selected topics in Public Administration(15)
PAD 3642 Capita Selecta on South African Public Administration(15)

SBM 1541 Entrepreneurship(12)
SBM 1641 Business Planning(12)
STA 1549 Basic Statics (Business, Economics)
STA 1648 Basic Statically Inference (Business Economics)

TAX 3541 Taxation for Individuals(15)
TAX 3641 Taxation for Companies(15)

TMA 1541 The Tourism Industry : Profile and Behaviour(12)
TMA 1641 Tourism Management : Front Office(12)
TMA 2541 Managing Tourism Environments(15)
TMA 2641 Tourism Management(15)
TMA 3541 Tourism Marketing(15)
TMA 3641 Tourism Planning and Development(15)
TMD 1541 Tourism Management(12)
TMD 1641 Tourism Supply and Demand(12)
TMD 2541 Typologies of Development(15)
TMD 2641 Resource Assessment(15)
TMD 3541 Tourism Policies(15)
TMD 3641 Resource Management(15)

TPO 1542 Travel Industry Development(12)
TPO 1642 Travel Industry Skills(12)
TPO 2542 Tour Organization(15)
TPO 2642 Travel Sectors(15)
TPO 3541 Fares and Tickets(15)
TPO 3641 Travel Entrepreneurship(15)

Gyekye A B and O A Akinboade (2003); ? A profile of Poverty in the Limpopo Province of South Africa?; Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review vol XIX, no. 2 June , pp89-109

Gyekye A B , K M Sikhitha, N M Museisi, N L Ramavhona (2002); Willingness to pay for Water in Rural South Africa: A Case study of Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North west provinces

Gyekye A B and N L Ramavhona (2001); Determinants of Poverty in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

Gyekye A B and A R Khangale (2004); Sources of capital formation for microenterprises in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

N M Museisi (2002);? Willingness to pay for water in the Limpopo Province of South Africa : A Case study of Kutama/Sinthumule? ; Conference paper at the World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, California , USA , June

The following is a list of staff members in the Department of Economics:

Designation Name Contacts

Prof. Agyapong B Gyekye
Ph.D (Ohio State University) USA, MA (Virginia State University) USA, BSc. (Hons) University of Science & Technology, Ghana

Tel: -
Email: -

AR Khangale,BSc, BCom(Hons)(Univen)
Teaching Areas: Macroeconomics; Labour Economics; Applied Mathematics in Economics
Membership: ESSA member

Tel: +27 (0) 15 962 8386

MA Dagume,BA(Hons)(Univen), BEd(Unisa), MA(Rau) STD (Veco)
Teaching areas: Development Economics; Advanced Microeconomics; History of Economic Thought, Basic Macroeconomics

Tel: +27 (0) 15 962 8451

S Guvuriro,BSC (Hons) (Zim), MSc(Oslo)
Teaching areas: Microeconomics; Macroeconomics; Econometrics; Industrial Economics
Membership: ESSA member

Tel: + 27 (0) 15 962 8209

AI Nemushungwa,UED, BCom Eco(Hons) (Univen), MCom (Rau)
Teaching Areas: Money and Banking; Microeconomics; Financial Economics

Tel: +27(0)15 962 8464

LA Omara-Ojungu, BAEd(Hons) (MUK), BA(Hons)(Univen), MA (ECO)(Univen)
Teaching areas: Financial Markets; International Economics; Environmental and Natural Resource Economics; South African Economy

Tel: +27 (0) 15 962 8516

NL Ramavhona, BA(Ed)(Univen),BCom(Hons)(UCT),Cert , MAP (Wits), Cert CPBPM (Wits)
Teaching areas: Public Economics; Economies of Africa; Microeconomics; Macroeconomics

Tel: +27 (0) 15 962 8259