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Welcome to the OR Tambo Institute of governance and policy studies. The Oliver Tambo Institute of Governance and Policy Studies were established in 1999 within the then School of Business, Economics and Administration Sciences (now School of Management Sciences). The idea for its introduction was mooted by the Northern Province Government (now Limpopo Province, with the main aim of training public servants). At the time, the Provincial Government had a problem with its public servants being trained by institutions from outside the Province which were charging exorbitant amounts of fees. Thus, the understanding was that if an Institute could be established within the Province, both the Provincial Government and the tertiary institutions within the province would benefit. Tertiary institutions would benefit by gaining experience in teaching and training the officials while generating some income at the same time.

These suggestions informed the design and establishment of the Institute and the type or nature of courses and modules to be offered in the Institute.


In order to fulfill its role, the Institute would consist of the following:

  • Training of officials and communities on specific areas like finance, management, leadership etc. to step up performance and production in the public sector.
  • Training officials academically through the tutored masters programme viz. Masters in Public Management, Masters in Municipal Management and Masters in Development Management also as a way of assisting students to improve their performance in their work environment.
  • Research and debates on policy matters. These objectives would improve policy development and implementation.


The vision of the Institute is to provide knowledge and competency to students and officials such that they are more efficient and effective in the performance of their duties.


The Institute will be able to accomplish its vision through the following:

  • Offering a Masters Degree programme by course work that is practically oriented in order to help students to perform well in their respective places of employment. In this respect, students admitted to the program will either have had work experience, or will have to undergo six months internship period during the course of study.
  • Offering training to officials as well as members of the community.
  • Research on policy, administrative and community Development.


The Institute of Government presently has the Acting Director who is responsible for some administrative duties, co-ordination of the masters program and provision of short training courses as may be requested by governmental institutions. The same staffs in the Department who qualify to teach in the Institute are responsible for teaching some modules in the Institute.

Staff who offer training courses and teach in the Tutored Masters program are the following:

  • Prof. M.P Khwashaba (Acting Director)
  • Prof. N.J Vermaak
  • Mr. M.M Nekhavhambe
  • Mr. R.S Nembudani
  • Prof MM Mafunisa

Beside these lecturers who are offering different courses in the Institute, the Institute can draw personnel from the different Schools in the University should there be a need for such experts. In this context, the Institute is in a position to offer almost any training course that falls within the scope of its functions.


  • Masters in Public Management
  • Masters in Municipal Management
  • Masters in Development Management

The programme is presently under review and that we shall take new entering students in 2016.


It is our belief that the Institute and all its functions, on policy and teaching are very important. Management training becomes very important in that people who rise up the ladders of the structures of their departments need backing through training in management.