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Horticulture deals with the Science and art of producing fruits, vegetables, flowers, turf and ornamental crops and the management of horticultural enterprises. Graduates can consider careers in forma and informal sectors in the following areas; horticultural crop production, floristry, nursery production, landscape horticulture etc.


Below is a list of the modules offered by the department.

CODE AND NAME OF MODULE (Prerequisite in brackets)
FRT 2541:
HRT 3541/201: Principles of horticultural sciences(Prereq AGR1631)
HRT 3542/301 : Tropical and subtropical fruit and nut trees
HRT 3543 : Turf grass and landscape horticulture
HRT 3531 : Ornamental horticulture
HRT 3533 : Plant tissue culture
HRT 3641/202: Plant propagation
HRT 3631/212 : Olericulture
HRT 3632: Controlled environment horticulture
HRT 4532/322: Spice, herbs, beverages and medicinal crops
HRT 4541/412: Physiology of horticultural crops
HRT 4642: Agriculture biotechnology(Prereq GEN1641/BCM2541)
HRT 4631/321: Citrus production
HRT 4633/302: Temperate fruits and nuts production
HRT 4081/400: Seminar
HRT 5531 : Advanced plant propagation
HRT 5532 : Advanced pomology
HRT 5533 : Advanced olericulture
HRT 5621 : Special topics in horticultural sciences
HRT 5622 : Sustainable horticultural crops production
HRT 7541 : Data analysis & evaluation techniques in HRT
HRT 7542 : Agriculture biotechnology
HRT 7543 : Special Topics in HRT crop production
HRT 7544 : Guide to interdisciplinary research
HRT 7641 : Advances in Horticultural crops production systems
HRT 7642 : Post harvest diseases: Tropical & subtropical HRT crops
HRT 7643 : Advances in Horticultural crop protection
HRT 70 99 : Dissertation
HRT 8099 : Thesis

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The following is a list of staff members in the Department of Horticultural Sciences.

Designation Name Contacts

Ass. Prof. G.R.A Mchau

Tel: +27 15 962 8249
Junior Lecturer

ML Ramphinwa