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Our Vision
We aspire to build up high quality leaders, human resources management practitioners and professionals who make an optimistic and enduring difference to the wellbeing of organisations, individuals, and society.

Our Mission
Our purpose is to bridge the human resources management practice gap in ways that enable the realisation of potential and wellbeing in employment.

Types of services offered
The types of services offered include:
- training
- short courses
- long term collaborative projects

Education and Professional Development
The department offers undergraduates, honours, masters and Ph.D degrees as well as short courses for the working class.
A wide range of specialist educational programmes are available at masters, honours and undergraduate levels. Our flagship programmes in Human Resource Management is designed to reflect the changing role of HRM in the development and implementation of employment policies and procedures, and skills acquisition and development. Our programme leads to Graduate membership of both the South African Board of personnel practices (SABPP) and Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
All our educational and professional development activities are designed to make a significant contribution towards the enhancement of HRM and leadership practice, realising potential and improving employee wellbeing.

The following modules are offered by the Department of Human Resources Management department

Modules offered
1. Introduction to Industrial Psychology (HRM 1541) & Introduction to Human Resources Management (HRM 1641)
2. Occupational Psychology (HRM 2521); Human Resources Development (HRM 2522); Research Methodology (HRM 2621) & Psychometrics (HRM 2622)
3. Human Resources Management (HRM 3521); Ergonmics (HRM 3522); Organisational Psychology (HRM 3621) & Industrial Relations (HRM 3622).

We are offering Honours and Masters programmes in Human Resource Management.


National and internationally recognised for our high quality research, the department designs innovative projects tailored for forward looking public and private businesses, and non-profit organisations. Like all work undertaken by the department of HRM, our research is largely led in line with our vision to develop high quality leaders and HR management practitioners and professionals. Recent projects include:

1. Work on developing managerial skills
2. Work on developing academic skills
3. Job satisafction and performance
4. Organisational behaviour and change management
5. Health and safety
6. Quality of work-life management
7. Quality of work-life management
8. Transformational leadership
9. Employee relations

Research output and publications

Staff profile: MR M.M Mokgolo (Lecturer)
Cognitive Psychology Course University of Oslo; M.Admin University of Limpopo

Mokgolo, M.M. 2008. Management experiencing internal changes and external pressure: Quality of work life, job satisfaction and job performance. Management Today. 24 (2): 52-55, March.

Mokgolo, M.M. 2009. Transformational leadership in the public sectors in the Limpopo province: After April 2009 national elections. HR Future online, September 2009,

The following is a list of staff members and their contact details in the Department of Public Health:

Designation Name Contacts
HoD and Senior Lecturer

Mr Setati TS
MAdmin (UL), Master HR Practitioner (SABPP)

Tel: +27 15 962 8618
Mobile: +27 76 156 6937

Ms Khathutshelo Khashane
BCom (Hons) (Univen), Cert in BM (Potch), MAdmin(UL), UED (Univen)

Tel: +27 15 962 8656
Mobile: +27 82 398 1802