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Below is a list of the researchers at Univen who have been rated by the National Research Foundation.

Title Surname Initials Rating Rating cat. Specialisation
Prof Bessong PO C3 Established researcher HIV - Drug resistance, HIV genetic diversity, HIV molecular genetics, HIV and AIDS global health, Opportunistic infections, HIV/AIDS Health
Prof Ekosse G C2 Established researcher

Chemistry of clay minerals, Clay minerals, Applied Environmental geology, Environmental health, Extraction metallurgy, Soil mineralogy, Environmental geochemistry

Prof Foord SH Y2 Promissing young researcher Invertebrate diversity, Spider systematics, Spider Ecology
Prof Garira W C3 Established researcher Biomathematics
Prof Gwata ET C3 Established researcher Plant breeding, Plant Breeding (Genetics)
Prof Jideani AIO C3 Established researcher Food sciences, Cereal science, Starch chemistry, Food and Nutrition, Protein chemistry, Food chemistry, Food
Prof Khoza LB C3 Established researcher Nursing – Education, Health promotion and disease prevention.
Dr Mamabolo RL Y2 Promissing young researcher

Children – Malnutrition, Community nutrition, Diabetes, Epidemiology, Micronutrients, Children – growth, Growth factors, Physical fitness – nutritional aspects, adolescent

Prof Mbati PA C3 Established researcher

Diagnosis, Vaccine development, immunology.

Dr Ndlovu I Y2 Promissing young researcher Prison narratives
Prof Potgieter N C3 Established researcher Drinking water, infectious diseases, environmental health
Dr Samie A Y2 Promissing young researcher Molecular parasitology and water related parasitology, childhood diarrhoea and malnutrition, immunology effects of medicinal plants, opportunistic infections in HIV and AIDS, infectious diseases, Opportunistic infections .
Prof Shateyi S Y2 Promissing young researcher Fluid mechanics, Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, Fluid mechanics thermodynamics energy systems, Computational mathematics, Numeral Methods/Analysis
Prof Taylor PJ B2 Internationally acclaimed researcher Mammalogy, Ecology , Systematics
Prof Shonhai A C3 Established researcher Cell stress and chaperones, Intermolecular interactions, Nanotechnology, Infectious disease, Malaria - cell biology

Please click here to view the NRF definition of rating categories.