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The department focuses on utilizing scientific principles to advance the art of field crop production including forage and fodder crops. The broad–based curriculum prepares the graduates for a wide range of career options such as research, training and public sector.

Below is a list of the modules offered by the department.

CODE AND NAME OF MODULE (Prerequisite in brackets)
AGR 1631/ : Agriculture and Humankind
AGR 2531/101: Introduction to plant production
AGR 3541/201: Principles & application of plant physio in plant production (Prereq AGR2631 And BIO1643)
AGR 3641/212: Introductory plant breeding and seed production
AGR 2631/3631: Dryland farming technology(Prereq AGR 2531)
AGR 3533/4532: Management of natural and cultivated pastures
AGR 3532/4531: Agronomy of selected commercial crops(Prereq PPR 3541)
AGR 3643/4631: Agronomy of selected oil seed, fibre & cereal crops
AGR 3642/412: Fundamentals of agronomic experimentation(Prereq BMT 302)
AGR 4081/400: Project and seminar presentation
AGR 553: Agronomy of cereal crops
AGR 5631: Agronomy of legumes and tuber crops
PPR 2541/3541: Introduction to plant protection(Prereq AGR 2531)
PPR 3631/301: Agricultural entomology(Prereq PPR 2541)
PPR 3641/302: Weed science(Prereq PPR 2541)
PPR 3542/4541: Plant pathology (Prereq PPR 2541/ PPR 3541)
PPR 5621: Weed science
PPR 5632: Disease and insect pest control
AGR 7531: Special topics in crop production
AGR 7542: Special topics in plant breeding
AGR 7543: Advanced statistical techniques in crop production experimentation
AGR 7631: Crop production systems
AGR 7642: Advances in applied crop physiology
PPR 7541: Advanced plant protection 7541
AGR 7099: Dissertation

Dr. E.T. Gwata (Senior Lecturer): BSc(Agric)(Hons)(Novi Sad), MSc(Univ of Melbourne), PhD (Univ of Florida)
Tel: +27 15 962 8628

Selected Publications:

  • Gwata ET and Siambi M. (2009). Genetic enhancement of pigeonpea for high latitude areas in Southern Africa. Afr. J. Biotech. 8: 4413-4417
  • Gwata ET and Silim SN. (2009). Utilization of landraces for the genetic enhancement of pigeonpea in Eastern and Southern Africa. J. Food Agric. Environ. 7:803-806
  • de Villiers S, Emongor Q, Njeri R, Gwata ET et al. (2008). Evaluation of the shoot regeneration response in tissue culture of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan [L.] Millsp.) varieties adapted to eastern and southern Africa. Afr. J. Biotech. 7:587-590
  • Gwata ET, Silim SN and Mgonja M. (2006). Impact of a new source of resistance to fusarium wilt in pigeonpea. J. Phytopathol. 154:62-64
  • Gwata ET, Wofford DS, Boote KJ, Blount AR et al. (2005). Inheritance of promiscuous nodulation in soybean. Crop Sci. 45:635-638

The following is a list of staff members in the Department of Horticultural Sciences.

Designation Name Contacts

Ass. Prof. JBO Ogola

Tel: +27 15 962 8177
Senior Lecturer

Dr. E.C Kunjeku

Tel: +27 15 962 8078
Senior Lecturer Dr. E.T. Gwata Tel: +27 15 962 8628
Junior Lecturer MP Mabapa Tel: +27 15 962
Fax : +27 15 962 8598
Lab. Assistant TG Netshisaulu Tel: +27 15 962 8625