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UIGC Short Courses

The following degrees / diplomas and certificates are offered in the school.

Please note: Computer Literacy(CPL0521/0621) must be taken by all students registered in the School. The module can be taken anytime from the first semester of the first year up to and including the last semester of the final year of study.

Bachelor of Agriculture BAGRIC
Bachelor of Family Ecology & Consumer Sci (Home Econs) BFECS
Bachelor of Agribusiness Management BAGBM
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture BSCAGR
Bachelor of Science in Forestry Sciences BSCFOR
Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technolgy BSCFST
Bachelor of Agriculture Honours BAGRIC(Hons)
Honours in Rural Development HONRDV
Bachelor of Science Honours in Agriculture BSCAGR(Hons)
Bachelor of Science Honours in Forestry BSCFOR(Hons)
Master of Science in Agriculture MSCAGR
Master of Science in Food Science and Technology MSCFST
Masters in Rural Development MRDV
Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture PhD(Agric)
Doctor of Philosophy in Rural Development PhDRD