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The School of Law offers the following undergraduate degrees:

Programme Duration
Baccalaureus Artium (Juris Criminalis) BA (CRM) 3 years
Baccalaureus Artium (Legum) BA (LAW) 3 years
Baccalureus Legum Undergraduate LLB (NU) 4 years

In addition to the above, the School of Law offers the following postgraduate degrees:

Magister Legum (Master of Laws) LLM
Baccalaureus Artium Honoribus (Juris Criminalis) BA(Hons)CRM
Magister Artium (Juris Criminalis) MA (CRM)
Doctor of Philosophy (CRM) PhD
Doctor of Laws LLD

The following diplomas and certificates are also offered in the school:

  • Diploma in Company Law
  • Diploma in Prison Probation
  • Diploma in Tax Law
  • Certificate in Constitutional Litigation
  • Certificate in Human Rights Law and Practice