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Students in the department should be able to identify and develop strategies to solve problems related to human development by using critical and creative thinking.

They must also have a thorough understanding of the principles of human development, as well as a broad understanding of human development within the South African context and possess the necessary skills to offer a range of basic interventions aimed at enhancing human development within the South African context.

Utilizing and developing indigenous African knowledge systems to enhance human development in rural communities constitute the central issue or problem which informs the course content of all the modules.

B.Psych Degree

Rules for the degree of B.Psych Degree
Duration of the Programme
The Baccalaureus Psychologiae (B Psych) (Trauma Counselling) degree can be completed within a minimum of four years.

All rules pertaining to Psy 1541 and Psy 1641 apply to the BPS degree.

  • Admission requirements to the BPS degree is 60% in Psy 1541 and Psy 1641 as well as a selection interview to determine suitability in becoming a Psychologist.
  • Credits for 1 st year Psychology modules are 28.

Under-Graduate Modules

Level 2

Quantitative Research Metodology BPS2541 14 credits
Human Development PSY2542 14 credits
Quantitative Research Practicum BPS2511 13.5 credits
Introduction to Applied Psychopathology (Trauma) BPS2641 14 credits
Mental Health Promotion Practicum BPS2611 13.5 credits
Total 69 credits

Level 3

Advanced Personology BPS3541 14 credits
Applied Therapeutic Intervention (Trauma) BPS3542 14 credits
Applied Counselling Techniques Practicals BPS3511 13.5 credits
Psychometrics BPS3641 14 credits
Qualitative Research Methodology BPS3642 13.5 credits
Psychometric Practicals BPS3611 14 credits
Total 83 credits


Univerisity Core Modules 60 credits


Sociology: Levels 1 - 3 or
Philosophy: Levels 1 -3 or
Anthropology: Levels 1 - 3 or
Social Work: Level 1 -3 or
Criminology: 1 - 3 or
Youth Studies: 1 -3 OR

Any other appropriate three-year programme approved of by the Department of Psychology =120 Credits.
Total Undergraduate Credits = 130
Prerequisite to level 4 is a total of 360 credits must be accumulated before registering for level 4.

Postgraduate Modules

Advanced Research Methodology BPS5521 10 credits
Child & Adolescent Development: Advanced Course BPS5522 10 credits
Advanced Psychopathology BPS5523 10 credits
Trauma & Crisis Counselling BPS5621 10 credits
Advanced Psychological Assessment BPS5622 10 credits
Clinical Practical (Internship) BPS5742 10 credits
Total 60 credits


One of the following elective modules

Study of Intergroup Relations BPS 5524 10 credits
Study of Sexuality BPS 5525 10 credits
Neuropsychology BPS 5526 10 credits
Psychology of Gender BPS 5527 10 credits
Community Psychology BPS 5623 10 credits
Psychology of Change BPS 5624 10 credits
Health Psychology BPS 5625 10 credits
Adult Development: Advanced Course BPS 5626 10 credits
Research Project BPS 5711 10 credits

Master of Psychology ( PSY 6741)

Admission Requirements:

  • An approved Honours or B. Psych degree, recognized by this University, recognised by this University.
  • An average examination mark of 60% in all exam papers, and/or
  • Approval by the Head of Department.

A dissertation of an appropriate quality and on an approved subject is required.
Participation in a series of seminars and lectures arranged by the department.
Please note: Additional requirements as determined by the Health Professsions Council of South Africa are to be fulfilled for registration with this Council.

Doctor of Philosophy (PSY 7741)

A thesis on an approved subject based on original research required. All rules and regulations applicable to Masters and Doctoral degrees must be observed.

All students registering for Psychology should:

  • Have obtained at least an E symbol (Higher grade) for English in Standard 10, or
  • Register for ECS 1541 and ECS 1641 as co-requisites of PSY 1541 and PSY 1641.
  • Students must also register for STK 1541, STK 1641, AFC 1541 and AFC 1641.
  • A student shall pass all psychology modules for the first semester before proceeding to the second semester (For all levels).

The student's attention is drawn to the contents of Rule G1, G2 and G13.

First Year
PSY 1541 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 1641 Introduction to Applied Psychology

Second Year
Psy 1541,
Psy 1641
is a prerequisite for the second year modules in Psychology
PSY 2541 Basic Research Methodology
PSY 2542 Human Development
PSY 2511 Research Proposal Writing Practicals
PSY 2641 Psychopathology
PSY 2611 Research Project Practicals
  • PSY 2511 is a pre-requisite for PSY 2611.
  • Psy Second Year Modules are a pre-requisite for the Third Year Modules in Psychology.
Third Year
PSY 3541 Personality Theories
PSY 3542 Therapeutic Interventions
PSY 3511 Practicum: Basic Counselling Techniques
PSY 3641 Psychological Assessment
PSY 3642 Research Methodology
PSY 3611 Psychological Assessment Practicals

Psychology Honours

This degree is offered over one year on a full-time basis, or two years on a part-time basis. Applications for admission to the Psychology Honours programme must be submitted to the Head of Department by 30 September each year.

The requirements for admission to the programme are as follows:

  • A bachelor's degree with Psychology as a major, with an average pass mark of at least 60% in psychology in the third year of study.
  • A successful selection interview by the Department of Psychology. The purpose of the interview is to determine the candidate's suitability to pursue Psychology as a vocation.

In order to obtain the Honours Degree the student should complete:

Six of the following Theoretical Modules listed below:

  • PSY 5531 Research Methodology (Compulsory)
  • PSY 5532 Developmental Psychology (Compulsory)
  • PSY 5533 Personality Theories (Compulsory)
  • PSY 5631 Psychopathology (Compulsory)
  • PSY 5632 Psychotherapeutic Systems (Compulsory)
  • PSY 5633 Social Psychology (Elective)*
  • PSY 5634 Neuropsychology (Elective)*
  • PSY 5635 Gender and Psychology (Elective)*


At least one of the following Practical Modules:

  • PSY 5721 Research Project (Elective)
  • PSY 5722 Assessment/Clinical Practical (Elective)

N.B. * Pending availability of staff

Central problem for all Honours Modules for the academic cycle 2004-2006:

Utilising and developing indigenous African knowledge systems to enhance human development in rural communities constitute the central issue or problem which informs the course content of all the modules included in the Psychology Honours degree programme.

Focus of all Honours Research and clinical intervention projects for the academic cycle 2004-2006:

In keeping with the central problem identified above, the following has been identified as the broad focus for all honours research and clinical intervention projects for the period 2004 to 2006:

Identifying and developing indigenous knowledge and psychological intervention systems in order to enhance human development.

For more information contact the head of department:

AP Fourie BA(Pret), BA(Hons)(Stell), THED, MSALED
Department of Psychology
Private Bag x 5050

Tel: 015 962 8533

The following is a list of staff members and their contact details in the Department of Psychology:

Designation Name Contacts

AP Fourie

Tel: +27 15 962 8533

M Botes

Tel: +27 15 962 8241

MS Mulaudz

Tel: +27 15 962 8419

SE Nkoana, B.A

Tel: +27 15 962 8339

AM Gumani

Tel: +27 15 962 8356

FJ Takalani

Tel: +27 15 962 8137
Email: -

TM Mashamba

Tel: +27 15 962 8173