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The National Department of Health vision and mission is focused at the prevention of disease and promotion of healthy life style, improving health care delivery through enhancement of access, equity, efficiency, quality and sustainability. The education and training of health professionals following the programme in the department is organized in such a way that students engage with communities in villages, and with primary health care settings. These students are also placed at different hospitals in all the five Districts of Limpopo Province.
The National Health Human Resource Strategic Plan (2004) describes the extent to which health in South Africa as a country should be developing or producing health professionals in various categories. The programme also addresses the National Health Strategic Priorities for 2004- 2009 which has identified the following as priority areas, just to mention a few:

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • Contribute towards human dignity by improving quality of care
  • Improve management of communicable diseases and non communicable illnesses
  • Strengthen primary health care, Emergency Medical Services and hospital service delivery
  • Strengthen support service
  • Human resource planning, development and management

It should also be noted that growth in the economy is highly influenced by the health status of the people of its country. Another challenge that is facing the health care delivery is the HIV/AIDS epidemic with its opportunistic infection; mental health problems; disability and premature death especially of the poorest people and drug abuse increase the burden to the health care facilities particularly the local communities in which the school serves. This means that the country can only succeed if there are sufficient, knowledgeable and skilled health professionals to promote healthy life style and the prevention of diseases and this is supported by the vision and mission of the school.

The Department of Psychology came into existence in 1982 when the University of Venda started. It existed for about 20 years in the School of Human and Social Sciences. In 2002 the Department was moved to the School of Health Sciences.

  • Undergraduate Degrees and Diplomas
    Bachelor of Psychology (BPsych).
    The department offers psychology modules as service to other departments in the School of Human and Social Sciences and Law.
  • Post graduate Degrees and Diplomas
    Honours in Psychology
    Masters in Psychology (By dissertation only)
    PhD in Psychology

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The following is a list of staff members and their contact details in the Department of Public Health:

Designation Name Contact
Senior Lecturer & HOD

Dr. M. T. Mashamba

BA (Hons) (Psychology) Univen, BA (Hons) Human Resource Development (RAU), MPhil (Social Science Methods) University of Stellenbosch, PhD (Psychology), University Education Diploma (Univen)

Tel: +27 15 962 8173
Senior lecturer

Dr. M. Makatu

UED, BA(Hons), Univen, Psychometry HPCSA, MA (Psychology) Univen, MSocSci (EAP) University of Pretoria, IMSHPE University of Maastricht, DPhil (Psychology) University of Pretoria

Senior lecturer

Dr P. Mudhovozi

BSc (Hons), MSc (Ed. Psych) (University of Zimbabwe), PhD (Univen)


Dr. M.A. Gumani

MA(Psychology) Univen, Dlitt et Phil (UNISA), Psychometry (HPCSA)

Tel: +27 15 962 8356

Mr F. J. Takalani

BA(ED), BA(Hons) Psychology, MA(Psychology) Univen, Compt Dip (AZTEC College)

Tel: +27 15 962 8137

Mrs. M. Ramarumo-Mutwanamba

BA(Hons) Univen, MA ClinPsy(UL)


Mrs. A. Maphula

BA (Vista), BA(Hons) Univen, M Soc Science(ClinPsy) North West University


Ms. M.D. Banyini

BA (Hons) (Psychology) UL, MA (Psychology) Univen


Ms. F. Peters

Bpsych, MA Psych (University of Western Cape)

Junior Lecturer

Mr. L.Manganye

BPsych (Univen), Registered Counselor (HPCSA)