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Estimation of fees payable per annum

(It is assumed that the student will only be taking modules of the same level during a particular registration cycle)


6.1 Upon cancellation of registration a student must submit a formal application to the Deputy Dean, Executive Dean or Registrar in the relevant form which must be completed and duly signed.

Students who fail to comply with the above procedure will be held liable for the full outstanding fees, finance charges and collection cost in the event of legal action.

The date of cancellation will be the official University date stamp reflecting the date of receipt of the cancellation form.

6.2 Fees will be refunded to students or sponsors only if the student's account is
in credit.

Note : Refunds must be requested in writing, with proper explanations. Credit
balances on Student accounts will be refunded only on written request.

(a) Students who wish to cancel their registration for a course/s for any reason whatsoever must notify the office of the Registrar immediately in writing on the official cancellation form, failing which the registration shall be treated in terms of paragraph(c) below.

Cancellation forms, which are available from respective School officers, must
be completed in triplicate.

(b) Students who wish to vacate the hostels must notify the Hostel Superintendent immediately in writing.

(c) Students failing to cancel courses and /or residence remain responsible for
he full fees for that particular academic year.

(d) Registration fees, late registration fee and SRA levy will under NO
Circumstances be refunded.

6.3 Year and first semester courses/modules

6.3.1 Cancellation of courses within 60 days (From the first day of the first term)
a student will get 100% refund on tuition. Note that a refund is not calculated on the basis of amount paid, but on the amount payable for the year.

6.3.2 Cancellation of courses between 60-90 days,
50% refund.

6.3.3 Cancellation of courses after 90 days,
NO REFUND. (The full amount is payable).

6.4 Second semester courses/modules

6.4.1 Cancellation of courses within 60 days, (From the first day of the Second
term) 100% refund.

6.4.2 Cancellation of courses between 60-90 days,
50% refund.

6.4.3 Cancellation of courses after 90 days,
NO REFUND. (The full amount is payable).

The following is a list of staff members in the Financial Aid:

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