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Univen Newsletter

  • Univen Income Generation Centre (Pty)Ltd has been established as a registered company owned fully by the University of Venda. This company was registered in December 2010, with the objective of generating third stream income for the University of Venda.
  • UIGC has five operating units and the unit managers report to the UIGC coordinator with regards to their operations. The operating units are as follows:
    • UCU – Univen Consultancy Unit which is in charge of all consultancy services including research consultancy and other types of consultancy activities. This unit is headed by Dr. M.J. Mudau (X8682).
    • UCCE – Univen Centre for Continuing Education which is charge of all short courses offered to various learners in the University. This unit is headed by Dr. A.P. Kutame (8715).
    • UCC – Univen Commercial Centre which handles all commercial projects including innovation and commercialization activities. This unit is headed by Mr. D.C. Manda (8202).
    • SRDU – Statistics and research design unit which is in charge of providing statistical services and research design supports to staff and students; as well as other external agencies. This unit is headed by Prof. P. Njuho(8357).
    • EPRU - Editing and proofreading unit which provides editing, proofreading and translation services to staff and students as well as to other external agencies. This unit is headed by Dr. K.N. Phalanndwa (8299).


  • To be the centre of integrated and sustainable third stream income generation for the University of Venda.


  • To generate income through quality consultancy services, short courses and commercial projects.


Main strategic objective: To promote increases in third stream income at the University of Venda

  • An important strategic objective of the University of Venda under the strategic plan for 2012-2016 is to promote Financial Sustainability of the University
  • A Key Performance Area (KPA) of this objective is to promote increase in Third Stream Income at the University through the activities of UIGC. These activities are presented in details under the UIGC strategic plan for 2012-2016.

The specified activities include offering of short courses and learnerships; development of policy for short courses; training of facilitators; offering accredited SETA courses; development of consultancy policy; development of policy for commercial projects; development of policy and editing; and development of policy for statistical services.

Staff Members

Designation Name Contacts
UIGC Administrative Officer Ms. Mpho Singo Telephone : +27 15 962 8251
Fax : +27 15 962 8251
E-mail :
UIGC Coordinator Emeritus Prof. S.A. Oni Telephone : +27 15 962 8170
Fax : +27 15 962 8251
E-mail :
Editing and Proofreading Unit Dr. K.N. Phalanndwa Telephone : +27 15 962 8299
Fax : +27 15 962 8251
E-mail :
Statistics and Research Resign Unit Prof. P. Njuho Telephone : +27 15 962 8357
Fax : +27 15 962 8251
E-mail :