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The Univen Foundation is a registered Trust which exists for the sole purpose of advancing the interests of the University. The day to day operation of the Foundation is overseen by the Development Officer and the Secretary who reports to the Boards of Trustees and Governors, who delegate everyday line management responsibility for the Foundation to the Vice-Chancellor and Director of Communications and Marketing.

The University of Venda Foundation is a registered non-profit organization which exists to mobilise resources for the development of the University to achieve the objectives and the goals as set by the University Council. The Foundation reports to the Council of the University of Venda.

The Foundation, given the magnitude and urgency of the challenges faced by the University in recent years embarked on a one Billion rand capital campaign to raise resources for buildings, teaching and research, living space, human capital – endowed chairs in key areas, teaching and research equipment. This is the undoubtedly, the biggest campaign in South African tertiary education.

The goal of the Foundation is to establish a platform for sustainable giving to the University for generations to come. To realise the above goals the Foundation aligns its activities with that of the University’s strategic priorities and key developmental needs. The involvement of key constituencies in advancement, building a better diversified and more sustainable donor base is key in achieving the said objectives.


To support the University's status as a comprehensive university to mobilise resource to run the Univen Foundation.


The mission of the Foundation is to secure investment in the development of the University. This is achieved by procuring bequests, endowments, grants and gifts that advance the strategic objectives of the University and to satisfy the objectives of its partners and benefactors.

Values and ethics

The Foundation subscribes to the values of the University. Their staffs is committed to exemplifying the best qualities of Univen, pursue the highest standards of personal and professional conduct, and to observing the code of ethics which is outlined in the strategic document of the University.

The core business of the Univen Foundation is to promote, and seek external resources for, the development of the University; that is, for the establishment of new physical infrastructure, new scholarship and bursary schemes, and any other initiatives that serve to build and strengthen the University and assists it to meet its strategic goals.

The Foundation is responsible for University-wide fundraising priorities and projects. Realising that the donors' interests may be focused on a specific program or unit, the Foundation also encourages University units to develop fundraising projects and to build relationships directly with their donors.

The Foundation provides fundraising coordination and implementation, serves as the steward for contributions, upholds the highest standards of fiscal responsibility and investment management. These efforts are conducted in relation to the donors' expressed wishes as well as the instructional, scholarship, and public service pursuits of the University.

Strategic objective

The Foundation prioritises infrastructural development projects that are responsive to societal, economic and technological needs and problems, it aims to advance human, environmental and global well-being, and are of immediate relevance or benefit to the local, national and regional communities served by Univen.

Univen Foundation strives to:

  • To raise R1b towards the development of the university’s key infrastructural projects
  • To raise resources to fund expensive teaching equipment
  • To raise resources to support capacity building
  • To build an endowment fund to support future expansion
  • To mobilise resources for student bursary
  • To set bequest program
  • To build a sustainable endowment fund

    Current projects

  • Capital campaign
  • Corporate relations building
  • Student bursaries campaign
  • Endowment fund

Thank for your interest in making a gift to Univen from our Alumni, parents, professionals ,parents, friends, schools, administrators and staff, are critical to our ability to contribute in our mission to provide a world class educational experience for our exceptionally bright and talented students.

There are number of convenient options for making your gift to Univen. You can use your credit card, debit card or cheque account to make a gift using our secure form or you can use a variety of other ways. Please use the link at the left to find out more about how you direct your gift to Univen like.

  • Automated recurring payments
    This will enable you to make automatic, recurring gifts to Univen of the amount you choose and the frequency of giving. It provides you with the opportunity to make annual contribution in instalments by authorizing payments to be made directly from accounts
  • Payroll deduction
    Univen employees can make charitable contribution to the University by payroll deduction. To enrol, fill out an authorization form and sent it to Univen Foundation office.
  • Matching gifts
    You may be able to multiply the value of your gift by participating in matching gift program provided by Univen, Univen will match employee contribution at a rate of 1:1, 2:1 or even greater.
  • Endowment Fund
    An endowment campaign is a fund-raising campaign that raises money for an organization to invest rather than spend. The proceeds from an endowment campaign are placed in an endowment fund, the income from which is used by the organization to meet ongoing expenses, cover capital expenditures, or fund special projects and programs.
    For more information on Endowment Funds click here

Areas to Give to

  • By schools
  • University wide
  • Disabled Student Unit
  • Infrastructure campaign
  • Student Financial assistance

Special gift opportunity

This is particularly good news for high-income taxpayers. Because your gift to or donation to charitable distribution will be excluded from your taxable income, it can prevent you from being subject to the new higher income tax rate. And because the distribution is simply excluded from income – rather than claimed

Donate to a good course –Education

Univen Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up by the statute of the University of Venda to mobilise resources, cash or in kind to support the developmental needs of the University, be it infrastructure, of student financial assistance, community engagement projects.

Your donation to any of the above will go a long way to assist us to realise our objectives.

The Foundation is proud to say that over the years, it has through corporates, Seta’s, Provincial and National governments, individuals supported a number of projects both in and outside the University.

Your gift/donation will go to fund or assist innovative programmes or projects that will:

  • Provide financial assistance to the needy students who come from disadvantaged family background.
  • Prevent students from dropping out of the system due to financial challenges.
  • Enable students with disability to access special equipment required to complete their studies.
  • Provide an environment conducive for learning.
  • Fund infrastructure development.
  • Fund expensive teaching equipment.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible and you can utilise one of the following ways to give:

  • Sign up for a monthly donation, of a minimum of R100.
  • Choose from worthy infrastructure projects.
  • Send a tribute gift, a great way to honour a student or assistive device for the students with disabilities.

Account Name   :           Univen Foundation
Bank                  :           Standard Bank
Branch               :           Thohoyandou
Account number :           031 434 681
Branch code       :           052- 849

Further details contact for further details or phone 015-962 8621

1. Mr Mashudu Ramano
Executive Chairperson: Terraccotta Resources
84 Jan Smuts Avenue

2. Prof. Eric Neluheni
97 Sunny Road


Postnet Suit 455
Private Bag x2


Prof. E. Neluheni
Head of Joint Department Orthopaedic
Polokwane provincial hospital
Learning centre

3. Ms Evangelinah Shirley Mabusela
Chairperson :University of Venda Council
P.O. box 1520

Physical address:
6902 Maile Street
Orlando West
P.O. Orlando

4. Mr Christo Christowitz
Director: Integrated tertiary Software (ITS)
ITS building
Corner Bushbuck Squirrel Road
Monument Park

5. Ms Pat Senne
No.18 Harrowdene Office Park
Calvin Drive

6. Khosi M.J. Masia
Council representative on the Board of Governors of the Univen Foundation
No.2 Leew Avenue
Corner Leew & Marshal Street
(Next to Sentra Fauna Park Polokwane

7. Prof. P.A. Mbati
Vice-Chancellor and Principal
University of Venda

8. Dr J.J. Zaaiman
Deputy Vice Chancellor Operations
University of Venda

9. Mr T.V. Dzaga
Director: Communication and Marketing
University of Venda

10. Mrs N.F Dhumazi
Director Finance
University of Venda

Resource Persons

11. Dr M.N. Lidovho
University of Venda Legal Adviser

12. Mr T.E. Maphangwa
Univen Foundation Accountant

13. Mr Bali. Makhado
Development Officer

Contact Number Email Address
Development Officer Mr BL Makhado Tel: 0159628823
Fax: 0159624743
Senior Secretary Mrs RT Muthadzwi Tel: 0159628823
Fax: 0159624743