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The University of Venda Foundation was established in 1984 by the Council of the University of Venda to perform on behalf and for the benefit of the University and in accordance with the policy, plans and objectives of the University a public relations, development and marketing functions.

Vision and Mission

In keeping with the University of Venda Institutional goals to redesign, and restructure its programs to address the institutional mandate of converting into a comprehensive institution, the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) seeks to facilitate the understanding, participation and support of the University of Venda students, schools, alumni, trustees, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, legislator, government, and those who have an interests in promoting and supporting the University.

The division through its staff, and volunteers, represents the Foundation with the highest standard of excellence and service to the various publics.

The Institutional Advancement Office (IAO) promote leadership and involvement amongst individuals who support the mission and vision of the University and are willing to volunteer to advance the cause of the University. The Institutional Advancement Office (IAO) will concentrates its efforts on improving private and government resource development for the University.

The Institutional Advancement staff (IAO’s) will at all times strive to be responsive to the various constituencies served by the University. In particular, emphasis is placed on professional, courteous and responsive behaviours towards students, parents, alumni, corporations, government, foundations and other organizations upon whom the University of Venda Foundation depends on for support.

The Office of Institutional Advancement carries out its mission through the following units.

The following is a list of Univen Foundation Board members:

1.Mr Mashudu Ramano
Executive Chairperson : Terracotta Resources

Tel: 011-883 4046
Cell: 083 463 3388
Fax: 011-731 7100

2. Ms Thembisile Nwedamutswu
Chief Executive Officer: IDT

Secetary: Mulalo
Tel: 012-845 2061
Fax: 012-348 0939
Cell: 082 611 4000
3. Mr S.M. Mukhavhuli
Chairperson of Institutional Forum, University of VendaTel: 015-962 3546

Fax: 015-962 3546
Cell: 082 340 1042

4. Justice Y. Mokgoro
Chairperson of the University of Venda Council

Tel: 011-359 7417
Fax: 011-403 8896

Secretary: Tracey

5. Mr Christo Christowitz
Director: Integrated Tertiary Software (ITS)

Tel: 012-346 3850
Fax: 012-460 5337
Cell: 082 652 3546
6. Prof. Eric Neluheni

Tel: 011-918 1878
Fax: 011-420 3207
Cell: 0787266121
7. Baroness Lynda Chalker
Afrika Matters

Tel: 011-234 4505
Fax: 011-234 3367
8. Mr James Seutloadi
Chairman Chevron South Africa ,Department of Corporate and Governance Affairs

Tel: 011-280 2003
Fax: 0214030907
9. Ms Pat Senne
General Manager Corporate and Communications, Nissan South Africa

Tel: 012-529 5014
Fax: 0866317222
Secretary : Tanya

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  • Maintenance of accurate and reliable data base of companies, trusts, foundation, embassies and other funding sectors.
  • Provide research and grant making criteria and individuals able to assist the University.
  • Responsible for donor relations, stewardship, special fund raising events planning.
  • Provide timely recording, receipting and acknowledging of gifts to the University of Venda Foundation
  • Work closely with Alumni office to foster spirit of cooperation, communication and fellowship among Alumni to provide alumni benefits, programs and opportunities, and to increase participation of alumni in the planned giving programme of the Foundation.
  • Conduct fundraising audit or evaluation of all existing functions carried out by the Foundation
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    Information currently unavailable.

    Designation Name Contacts
      Mr Balanganani Makhado Tel: 011 884 0210/11/18
    Fax: 011 884 0219
    Senior Secretary Mrs T.R. Muthadzwi Tel : 011 884 0210/11/18
    Fax : 011 884 0219
    E-mail :