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Mission and Vision


The University of Venda aspires to be at the centre of tertiary education for rural and regional development in Southern Africa.

Mission Statement

The University of Venda, anchored on the pillars of excellence in teaching, learning, research and community engagement, produces, graduates imbued with knowledge, skills and qualifications which are locally relevant and globally competitive.


To transform into a comprehensive University that offers academic, professional and vocational programmes.

Institutional Values

  • Quality and excellence: Strive to the highest standards as benchmarked and evaluated by peers;
  • Accountability: Commitment to good and responsible use of human, fiscal and physical resources entrusted to us and deliver on and be answerable to our mandate;
  • Transparency: Openness to public scrutiny on our actions, processes and use of our resources;
  • Integrity: Consistently espousing and practicing honesty, truth and freedom in all we do;
  • Respect: Treating all stakeholders with civility and dignity;
  • Diversity: Recognition that diversity and excellence are mutually inclusive, enhancing our teaching, scholarship and community engagement, as well as our ability to interact with all people; and
  • Social responsibility, community engagement and ubuntu: Contributing to the best extent possible, to the intellectual, social and economic well-being of the communities we serve.

Last updated 12 April 2016