BarCamp and Hackathon Challenge (Innovation Workshop)

The first two days there will be a BarCamp – an open conference. All participants are encouraged to briefly outline below what they could contribute: topic (based on 4 topics suggested below), the format (discussion, fishbowl, workshop, brainstorming session etc.) and time requirements (once or twice 45 minutes). Groups will be formed on day 2.

The 8 August is a holiday and participants get the chance for some sightseeing.

The last two days will be a hackathon. International and interdisciplinary groups will have 2 days to work on implementing some of the ideas generated during the BarCamp.

The final presentation of the Innovation Workshop results will be on Friday evening during a Farewell BBQ.

Audience: A) Selected students and staff from guest partner universities
B) AND all others selected from the hosting institution

Selection: Only complete application forms with convincing information will be considered.

Deadline: 26 April 2018

Theme: High Performance Computing Use Cases and Business Models Applications for South Africa, Tanzania and Germany

Topics: a) ICT4 Development, b) Data driven agriculture for development in Africa, c) Market value chain for agricultural products in Africa, d) Business linkages using ICT to promote tourism and cultural relations for South Africa, Tanzania and Germany

Time: 06 August 2018 – 10 August 2018

Place of the event: Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, Arusha, Tanzania

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Hackathon Challenge
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