Full time senior students who are currently doing 3rd, 4th year, Honours, Master’s or PhD degrees are invited to apply for the position of academic mentor or tutor. Due to limited space for these positions, only first year modules with the following characteristics will be considered:

  • Large numbers of students
  • High failure rate


Applicants are encouraged to apply if they meet the following requirements:

  • Average of 65% pass in your 2018 Semester 1 modules OR
  • Lecturer recommends you to apply for the position

The following Skills will be an added advantage: – excellent writing skills in your discipline, good communication skills, presentation skills and good interpersonal skills.


Mentoring: Mentors will be required to provide academic support to not more than 10 mentees who are in their 1st or 2nd year of study.

Tutoring: Tutors will be required to run tutorial classes to 1st or 2nd year students in a module.

Both mentors and tutors are required to work for not more than 4 hours per week.


26 October 2018


The following selection process is recommended:

  1. Dean and HoDs decide which modules to be put in the mentoring and tutoring programme
  2. Module lecturers select names of potential tutors and mentors in their departments

NB: interested applicants cannot submit their applications directly to ADU but module lecturers will email completed application forms of selected candidates to ADU. This implies that the selection process will only happen at departmental or school level and not at ADU. Please email applications to any of the following email addresses:





Training will take place from 16-25 January 2019 during orientation period or just before classes commence. Exact dates for your training will be communicated in due course.

NB: every tutor or mentor should be prepared to reserve three days for training.

Also note that only new entrants into the programme need training. If you are already a mentor/tutor and you were trained before, there is no need to be trained again.


For any information related to these positions please contact Mr Solly Manganye in office no. 05 Old Education Block next to Music Department or call extension number 8485 or email: s.m.manganye@gmail.com