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1. AIEA 20 – 23 January What’s Next? Possibilities and Probabilities in the Future of International Higher Education San Francisco, CA
2. IIE 17-19 February The Future of International Education New York City
3. APAIE 25 – 29  March Diversity and Inclusivity of Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4. Forum for Education Abroad 27 – 29 March Broadening the Circle of Education Abroad Denver, CO
5. EUA 11 – 12 April Driving Innovation in Europe’s Universities Paris, France
6. FAUBAI 13 – 17 April Global Community Engagement Belém, Brazil
7. Going Global 13 – 15 May The Future of Further and Higher Education Berlin, Germany
8. NAFSA 26 – 31 May Global Leadership, Learning & Change Washington DC
9. BCCIE 23 – 26 June Evolving Narratives: Internalisation, Interculturalisation, Indigenisation Whistler, Canada
10. UKCISA 03 – 05 July Newcastle-under-Lyme, England
11. WCE 16 – 18 July Global Issues in Education & Research Dùn Laoghaire, Ireland
12. IEASA 21 – 23 August International Higher Education in the Context of the 4thIndustrial Revolution: Innovation, Diversity, Inequality and Inclusivity Cape Town, South Africa
13. EAIE 24 – 27 September Encompassing All Voices Helsinki, Finland
14. IEAA  
15. CAIE 23 – 25 October Hubs of Knowledge and Innovation: Synergies for Development Bogota, Columbia
16. CIEE 06 – 08 November Opening Doors to Increase Diversity in Study Abroad Brooklyn, New York
17. CBIE 17 – 20 November Winnipeg, Canada
18. AMPEI   No information yet  
19. ACA   No information yet  
20. ANIE   No information yet  
21. IAU 12 – 13 November Global Meeting of Associations (GMA) Puebla, Mexico
  IAU 13 – 15 November International Conference    

ACA: Academic Cooperation Association AIEA: Association of International Education Administrators
AMPEI: Association Mexicana para la Education International ANIE: African Network for International Education
APAIE: Asia Pacific Association for International Education BCCIE: British Columbia Council for International Education
CAIE: Conference of the Americas on International Education CBIE: Canadian Bureau for International Education
CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange EAIE: European Association of International Education
EUA: European University Association FAUBAI: Brazilian Association for Internationalization
Going Global: British Council IAU: International Association of Universities
IEAA: International Education Association of Australia IEASA: International Education Association of South Africa
IIE: Institute of International Education NAFSA: NAFSA: Association of International Educators
UKCISA: UK Council for International Student Affairs WCE: World Congress on Education