Dear Univen students

Three years ago, you started a struggle for free, quality higher education in South Africa. You sent a strong message that you will continue until the national struggle for free education has been won. The entire Univen community, and not just management, share your frustration with NSFAS disbursements through SBux. We agree that you have been failed by this system. We do not condone your current strike, but together with management’s engagements with NSFAS, DHET and Universities South Africa (USAf), it clearly had an impact. Management is committed to sustain the impact on your behalf, until all outstanding allowances are paid. However, we trust that you are as serious about the quality of your education as you are about getting it for free. The quality education you need can only be obtained in an open, functional and ever-improving Univen where together we fix what needs to be fixed at our university. It cannot become a casualty in any struggle to fix the greater ills of our country, but it is now being severely compromised by strike action. Your physical power and endurance have been on display over the past days and is beyond question, but the REAL power you need to bring about lasting change is the power of your mind and your intellect, sharpened through higher education. We want Univen to be at the forefront of this struggle as well. We know that our only purpose, as the staff and management of this University, is to serve and empower you to succeed in this bigger and more noble struggle for a just society and a better country. You will not be surrendering any struggle by coming back to class. You will just be fighting smarter.


Prof Jan Crafford
Vice-Chancellor and Principal (Acting)

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