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The University of Venda will be having its Research Open Day on 27 February 2018.  Following the Research Open Day there will be a Research Leadership Workshop specifically for UNIVEN Senior Researchers, Senior Academics, and Core Business Directors on Wednesday, 28 February 2018.  All researchers and Postgraduate Students (Masters  & Doctorates) at Univen are requested to display their research works in the form of posters, published journal articles and conference proceedings.  It will be an opportunity for on-going research work to also be showcased. The first 60 posters will be displayed.

The Research Leadership Workshop will be characterised by special high level presentations and interactive sessions that will focus on improving Univen’s research outputs.  Attached are two forms for you to complete and return to by Friday 23  February 2018. The completed forms could also be hand-delivered at Office No. 017 of the Directorate of Research and Innovation.  Your committed cooperation in enhancing research at Univen is highly appreciated.

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