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The ICT Department invites First Year students who wish to attend Computer Literacy Training during the upcoming winter recess. The training will be conducted as follows

Start Date                              : 30 June 2019

End Date                               : 05 July 2019

Venue                                    : University of Venda, ICT 2 Computer Lab

To register follow this link https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=2KmL80xVokiuQhOx5_PHlynMmgJs3idJuRHnfRE8g3lUREtJSTRIOFM3NVFZRVNJQllLU05GSThCOC4u

If you experience any problem with registration contact Mr. Lufuno Tshidada on 0659005461 or WhatsApp 0736957297

 Registration Starts on Monday the 27thof May 2019 and will Close on Friday the 14thof June 2019

For any further queries Contact Ms. T. Njaba, Office No 66 Main Admin Building, Tel 015 962 8646

 HurrySpace is limited!!!