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Management has since the start of the student protest been very patient and understanding about the very important issues that students have raised regarding the distribution of student allowances. It was for this reason that the Univen Management engaged NSFAS and decided to exit the SBUX system. In short notice and to the satisfaction of NSFAS the University had to put in place its own new disbursement mechanism which required all students to submit correct banking details for payment by the University directly into their accounts. 

Management wishes to express its great disappointment with the Student Leadership for reneging on the agreement that was made last week that lectures would resume today, Monday 25 February 2019 despite the University doing everything in its power to ensure that the majority of students receive their payments as agreed. It’s worth stating that to date, virtuous progress has been made with the disbursement of both outstanding 2018 and the February 2019 allowances of all qualifying NSFAS students. The students were given a commitment last week that all these allowances would be paid by the end of February 2019 and we are on track to meet this deadline. We are currently resolving issues around students who did not receive allowances due to incorrectly submitted banking details. 

We have lost almost the entire first term and it is apparent that there will be a need to adjust the academic programme to make-up the time lost. The process of adjusting the academic programme will be tabled for consideration at a special SENATE meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 26 February 2019. 

Management has decided that we cannot afford to lose any further time to re-start the academic programme and thus has resolved that the Academic Programme will start on Wednesday 27 February 2019. All students are requested to attend class on Wednesday 27 February 2019. 


Dr NB Nthambeleni 
Vice-Chancellor and Principal 

25 February 2019