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Diploma in Freshwater Technology

The Diploma in Freshwater Technology was developed in response to a real need to train our students in conserving our freshwater bodies. The course draws considerably from the department’s streangth in freshwater biology. Course co-ordinator: Paul Fouche.

The learning programme in the first year consists of modules currently existing at the university and includes BIO 1541, BIO 1542 and BIO 1643. From the second year onwards the modules become more specialized and brief descriptions of each are listed below.

FWT 2531 Basic Limnology
Physical properties of water. Physical factors, energy flow and nutrient cycling in fresh water ecosystems. Fresh water lake and wetland types. The fresh water bodies found in Southern Africa. The river continuum concept. The effects of damming rivers on river systems. Effects of water pollution and eutrophication on river systems.
FWT 2532 Freshwater Biology
Bacteria in freshwater, Freshwater algae and their role in the aquatic environment, Structure and function of plant and animal communities of rivers and wetlands, Review of the biology of the main crustacean and insect invertebrates of southern Africa, Biology of African fresh water fish species. The impact alien invasive organisms on riparian and aquatic ecosystems.
FWT 2631 Aquatic organism identification
The role played by morphological characteristics in the identification of organisms. The use of keys and identification guides.  Identification of microcopic organisms (algae and diatoms). Identification of aquatic macro-invertebrates. Identification of aquatic macrophytes with an emphasis on aquatic weeds  and alien invasives. Identification of freshwater fish.
FWT 3531 Sampling technology
Sampling and preservation techniques of biological samples. (algae/diatoms/plants/insects/ fish) and the role of voucher specimens and other specimens for future reference.
FWT 3532 Introduction to Water Resource Management
Basic principles of management and sustainable development. Sustainable development and management of water resources. The principles and application of water treatment. Control of invasive plants and animals.
FWT 3631  Biomonitoring technology
Reasons for biomonitoring. The history and development of biomonitoring. Planning of a biomonitoring exercise.  The indices currently in use in South Africa (FAII, RVI, SASS, HQI, Geomorphology, Algae index. The procedures used in a fish kill investigation. Other possible indices for future use (diatoms, FSR).

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Sampling fish in the littoral zone of Schroda Dam.

A site in the pristine Mukhase River

The yellow fish team on its way to do a survey

A young tigerfish

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