NRF Rated Researchers

No Title Surname Initials Rating Rating category Research Specialization
1 ProfTaylorPJB3Internationally acclaimed researcherMammalogy, Ecology, Systematics
2 ProfMoodleyYMC1Established researcherMolecular ecology, Evolutionary genetics, Phylogeography, Microbial evolution, Genomics, Population genetics, Bioinformatics
3 ProfBessongPOC1Established researcherHIV – Drug resistance, HIV genetic diversity, HIV molecular genetics, HIV 99and AIDS global health, O10pportunistic infections, HIV/AIDS, Global Health
4 ProfEkosseGC1Established researcherChemistry of clay minerals, Clay minerals, Applied, Environmental geology, Environmental health, Extraction metallurgy, Soil mineralogy, Environmental geochemistry
5 DrNdogmoJC2Established researcherLie groups, Differential equations, Mathematical finance
6 DrSamieAC2Established researcherMolecular parasitology and water related parasitology, Childhood diarrhoea and malnutrition, Immunomodulatory effects of medicinal plants, Opportunistic infections in HIV and AIDS, Infectious diseases, Opportunistic infections, HIV and AIDS – Research, Candida and HIV, Parasites
7 ProfFoordSHC2Established researcherInvertebrate diversity, Spider systematics, Spider Ecology
8 ProfJideaniAIOC2Established researcherFood Sciences, Cereal science, Starch chemistry, Food and Nutrition, Protein chemistry, Food chemistry, Food microbiology, Medical microbiology