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To be at the centre for legal education, training and research that promotes rural and regional development in Southern Africa.


Inspired by the University of Venda vision and mission, the School of Law employs appropriate learning methodologies and research in offering a range of qualifications in law and criminal justice that is responsive to the development needs of the Southern African region.

Dean's Profile
Annete Lansink

Annete Lansink

Annette Lansink holds law degrees from universities in South Africa and the Netherlands.  She   obtained her bachelor of laws and master of law (Kand.; Mr. (Groningen)) from a leading research university, the four centuries old University of Groningen. She obtained a second LLM degree in constitutional and international law from the University of South Africa (LLM (UNISA)). She is currently the Dean of the School of Law at the University of Venda. She has extensive experience in higher education and has contributed to the transformation of the university in numerous leadership roles. She has been instrumental in helping to build the School of Law through curricular innovations and has put the School on the map through various partnerships, collaborations and linkages. Her research interests are in the areas of public international law, human rights, gender, migration and trafficking, and the transformation of higher education in South Africa. She was Rapporteur on women and migration for the prestigious global International Law Association’s Committee on Feminism and International Law. Consistent with her multi-disciplinary approach, she has in recent years again focused her attention on Africanisation of the law and epistemologies of the South. Given the breadth of her interests, she has published nationally and internationally in both scholarly journals and the popular media and delivered papers in many countries, institutions and fora, including the United Nations.

Welcome by the Dean of the School of Law

Welcome to the website of the School of Law. The School of Law at the University of Venda comprises five academic Departments, the Ismail Mahomed Centre for Human and Peoples’ Rights and the Law Clinic. There are currently, 18 full-time academics, the Head of the Law Clinic and three candidate attorneys as well as three administrative staff members serving the School of Law and Law Clinic and its close to thirteen hundred students, among whom are thousand students enrolled for the LLB degree. I was honoured to become the first female Dean of the School of Law in 2009.

Last year, the University of Venda celebrated its 30-year of existence, and the School of Law was almost from the beginning part of the University of Venda academic structure. Since those early days, the School of Law has grown by leaps and bounds and has made great strides in fulfilling its educational mandate by producing highly–qualified graduates. The School of Law offers undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in law and criminal justice. We are proud to say that, evidenced inter alia, by their success at the various Schools for Legal Practice and different legal careers, our law graduates are doing very well. The School of Law continues to pursue its vision of academic and professional excellence through the utilisation of the latest practical technology. To this end, the LLB curriculum has recently been overhauled and a revised LLB curriculum was adopted which became effective in January 2012. The revised curriculum includes new practical modules in the first year of studies, such as computer literacy, with a greater emphasis on generic skills and the continued prominence of practical legal skills, such as in professional training and trial advocacy modules. At the same time, the LLB degree aims at producing well-rounded academic law graduates. Two years earlier, the School had revised and updated the BA Criminal Justice in line with the needs of the professions.

We are committed to quality teaching and learning, scholarship, community engagement as well as national and international linkages and collaboration. An example of the latter, is the Partnership agreement with the University of Pretoria and twelve other universities on the African continent offering collaboratively components of the LLM in Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa. What further sets the School of Law apart is the collegial, interactive and open atmosphere, between staff inter se and between staff and students. Lecturers in the School of Law as well as the Dan are always accessible to students. We have a very good working relationship with the Law Students Council and are delighted to collaborate with them and other institutes and directorates on campus on projects such as the anti-xenophobia campaign and a new student law journal. We want our students to dream big, become leaders and pursue opportunities either nationally or internationally.  We not only expect our students to become good lawyers, but also valuable and ethically upright citizens of the country or the world, who are dedicated to serving the various communities with intellectual honesty and an ingrained sense of social justice.

The School of Law is infused with a spirit of community engagement and service, not only exemplified by the Law Clinic and its contributions to providing access to justice to the indigent, but also by the many volunteer contributions made by individual staff members. Included in this are a wide array of activities, such as service as Commissioners at the Small Claims Courts in various magisterial districts in the Vhembe region, assisting high schools learners in the National Schools Moot Court Competitions, offering legal advice on radio programmes and the Street Law Project. In total, seventy percent of staff members in the School of Law are involved in various community engagement activities.

If you choose to study law or criminal justice you can become part of this vibrant community.

Thank you for your interest in our School of Law.

Annette Lansink

Undergraduate Programmes Code Duration  
Baccalaureus Artium (Juris Criminalis) BA (CRM) 3 Years  
Baccalureus Legum Undergraduate LLB (NU) 4 Years  
Postgraduate Degrees Code Duration  
Magister Legum (Master of Laws) LLM    
Baccalaureus Artium Honoribus (Juris Criminalis) BA (Hons) CRM    
Magister Artium (Juris Criminalis) MA (CRM)    
Career opportunities

Advocate, Attorney, Prosecutor, Legal Adviser, Magistrate, Judge, Lawyer
in the public and corporative sector, international relations, international organisations, national or
international nongovernmental organisations and academic fields.
Career opportunities in Criminal Justice – Police and Traffic Officer, Lecturer, Self-employment eg
private practice, Criminologist, Administrative Officer in the fields of criminology and policing in
the private or public sector, Researcher.


Dean A Lansink, Kand.; Mr. (Groningen); LLM (Unisa).
Dean’s Secretary JP Siphorogo, NDipl. Mangt. Assist (DoE); NDipl. Com. Prac. (Unisa)
School Administrator MR Tshikomba, BA (Hons), Dipl. In Adv. Bus Comm (Unisa).

Heads and Acting Heads of Departments/Centres are indicated by means of an asterisk*

Criminal Justice
Senior Lecturers *Adv. TW Majake, B. Proc; LLB (Unin); MALS (IIT Chicago-Kent).
K Mothibi, BA.CRM; BAHCRM, MA.CRM, PhD (UL).
Lecturer FM Manganyi, BA.CRM; BAHCRM; MA.CRM (UNIVEN).
Junior Lecturers LA Musekene, BAHCRM; LLB; PGDHLM (UNIVEN).

Criminal and Procedural Law
Associate Professor T van der Walt, B. Proc; LLB; LLM (Unisa).
Senior Lecturer *PR Mawila, B. Proc; LLB (Unin).
Lecturer LB Tsweledi, LLB; LLM (NWU).
Junior Lecturers PBN Mawila, BA.LAW; LLB (UNIVEN).
VE Lubisi, LLB (UNIVEN).
NL Malange, BA; U. ED; LLB (UNIVEN).
NGAP Scholar SJ Rangoato, LLB; LLM (UL).

Senior Lecturer * Adv. GJ Joubert, BA (LAW); LLB; LLM (US).
Lecturers ZBM Mopai, LLB; LLM (UNIVEN).
AW Makulana, LLB; LLM (UNIVEN).
Adv. NR Nengome, LLB (UNIN); LLM (PU for CHE).

Mercantile Law
Associate Professor L Ndlovu, LLB; LLM (Fort Hare); LLD (Unisa).
Senior Lecturers *PP Letuka, BA (Law); LLB (Lesotho); LLM (London).
Adv. TW Majake, B. Proc; LLB (UNIN); MALS (IIT Chicago-Kent).

Private Law
Professor *AO Nwafor, LLB (Hons) (Unijos); BL (Nigeria Law School); LLM (Unin);
PhD (Unijos).
Senior Lecturers Adv. MK Choshi, B. Iuris (UNIVEN); LLB (Wits); LLM (UP), DPhil (Univen).
Adv. GJ Joubert, BA (LAW); LLB; LLM (US).
Lecturers Adv. KJ Selala, B. Iuris; LLB; LLM (Unin).
CJMM Mkhabele, LLB; LLM (UL).

Public Law
Senior Lecturers *Adv. HJ Choma, B. Iuris (Unin); LLM (Georgetown) (USA); LLM
Dr AO Jegede, LLB (Ife); MPH (Ibadan); BL (Nigerian Law School); LLM; LLD (UP).
Lecturers UCA Mokoena, LLB; LLM (UNIVEN).
J Milne, LLB; LLM (UPE).

Ismail Mahomed Centre for Human and Peoples’ Rights
Director Vacant.
Secretary Vacant.

Law Clinic
Head PJ Thokolo, BProc (UNIVEN); Advanced Diploma in Labour Law (NWU).
Assistant Head Vacant
Secretary Vacant
Typist TG Tshishonga, Dipl. in Management (SBS).
Student Attorneys TP Ramashidzha, LLB (UNIVEN); PA Tshidzumba, LLB (UNIVEN);
M Mulaudzi, LLB (UNIVEN).

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