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Dean School of Law

Professor Lonias Ndlovu

Tel: +27 15 962 8512
Email: lonias.ndlovu@univen.ac.za

School Administrator

Mrs Tshikomba

Tel: +27 15 962 8948
Email: reginah.tshikomba@univen.ac.za

School of Law Secretary

Mrs Siphorogo
Tel: +25 15 962 8512
Email: pfuluwani.maphutha@univen.ac.za



About the School of Law




To be at the centre for legal education, training and research that promotes rural and regional development in Southern Africa.


Inspired by the University of Venda vision and mission, the School of Law employs appropriate learning methodologies and research in offering a range of qualifications in law and criminal justice that is responsive to the development needs of the Southern African region.

Undergraduate Programmes Code Duration
Baccalaureus Artium (Juris Criminalis) BA (CRM) 3 Years
Baccalureus Legum Undergraduate LLB (NU) 4 Years
Postgraduate Degrees Code Duration
Magister Legum (Master of Laws) LLM
Baccalaureus Artium Honoribus (Juris Criminalis) BA (Hons) CRM
Magister Artium (Juris Criminalis) MA (CRM)
Career opportunities

Advocate, Attorney, Prosecutor, Legal Adviser, Magistrate, Judge, Lawyer
in the public and corporative sector, international relations, international organisations, national or
international nongovernmental organisations and academic fields.
Career opportunities in Criminal Justice – Police and Traffic Officer, Lecturer, Self-employment eg
private practice, Criminologist, Administrative Officer in the fields of criminology and policing in
the private or public sector, Researcher.


Dean Professor Lonias Ndlovu
Dean’s Secretary JP Siphorogo, NDipl. Mangt. Assist (DoE); NDipl. Com. Prac. (Unisa)
School Administrator MR Tshikomba, BA (Hons), Dipl. In Adv. Bus Comm (Unisa).

Heads and Acting Heads of Departments/Centres are indicated by means of an asterisk*

Criminal Justice
Senior Lecturers *Adv. TW Majake, B. Proc; LLB (Unin); MALS (IIT Chicago-Kent).
K Mothibi, BA.CRM; BAHCRM, MA.CRM, PhD (UL).
Lecturer FM Manganyi, BA.CRM; BAHCRM; MA.CRM (UNIVEN).
Junior Lecturers LA Musekene, BAHCRM; LLB; PGDHLM (UNIVEN).

Criminal and Procedural Law
Associate Professor T van der Walt, B. Proc; LLB; LLM (Unisa).
Senior Lecturer *PR Mawila, B. Proc; LLB (Unin).
Lecturer LB Tsweledi, LLB; LLM (NWU).
Junior Lecturers PBN Mawila, BA.LAW; LLB (UNIVEN).
VE Lubisi, LLB (UNIVEN).
NL Malange, BA; U. ED; LLB (UNIVEN).
NGAP Scholar SJ Rangoato, LLB; LLM (UL).

Senior Lecturer * Adv. GJ Joubert, BA (LAW); LLB; LLM (US).
Lecturers ZBM Mopai, LLB; LLM (UNIVEN).
AW Makulana, LLB; LLM (UNIVEN).
Adv. NR Nengome, LLB (UNIN); LLM (PU for CHE).

Mercantile Law
Associate Professor L Ndlovu, LLB; LLM (Fort Hare); LLD (Unisa).
Senior Lecturers *PP Letuka, BA (Law); LLB (Lesotho); LLM (London).
Adv. TW Majake, B. Proc; LLB (UNIN); MALS (IIT Chicago-Kent).

Private Law
Professor *AO Nwafor, LLB (Hons) (Unijos); BL (Nigeria Law School); LLM (Unin);
PhD (Unijos).
Senior Lecturers Adv. MK Choshi, B. Iuris (UNIVEN); LLB (Wits); LLM (UP), DPhil (Univen).
Adv. GJ Joubert, BA (LAW); LLB; LLM (US).
Lecturers Adv. KJ Selala, B. Iuris; LLB; LLM (Unin).
CJMM Mkhabele, LLB; LLM (UL).

Public Law
Senior Lecturers *Adv. HJ Choma, B. Iuris (Unin); LLM (Georgetown) (USA); LLM
Dr AO Jegede, LLB (Ife); MPH (Ibadan); BL (Nigerian Law School); LLM; LLD (UP).
Lecturers UCA Mokoena, LLB; LLM (UNIVEN).
J Milne, LLB; LLM (UPE).

Ismail Mahomed Centre for Human and Peoples’ Rights
Director Vacant.
Secretary Vacant.

Law Clinic
Head PJ Thokolo, BProc (UNIVEN); Advanced Diploma in Labour Law (NWU).
Assistant Head Vacant
Secretary Vacant
Typist TG Tshishonga, Dipl. in Management (SBS).
Student Attorneys TP Ramashidzha, LLB (UNIVEN); PA Tshidzumba, LLB (UNIVEN);
M Mulaudzi, LLB (UNIVEN).