The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a mandatory structure which is a prerequisite for all full time running institutions. That is all institutions of higher learning offering qualifications which requires actual physical attendance on campus needs to have a representative body for students. Only institutions that offer strictly online courses may be exempted from this requirement.

The University of Venda’s Student Representative Body is therefore a basic tool of institutional management and effective communication. It is significant in the bridging of the gap between the Management of the institution and the students of the University of Venda. This is because for effective communication and decision-making, not every student of the 14 000 and more can represent themselves or make personal submissions with regards to decision-making.

However the SRC doesn’t exist in isolation from the general populace of students, nor does it represent interests derived from their personal desires. Equally in this paradox, the SRC has the discretion to take any urgent decisions on behalf of the students if such decisions can’t wait until the Mass Meeting, such a decision shall be taken taking into consideration the best interests of students.


The basic mandate of the SRC is to, in consultation with the student populace represent and advocate for students interests in all decision-making meetings with management and other stakeholders, ensure that the academic and social aspects of the students are catered for and most importantly ensure that the voice of the students is clearly heard in all corners of the university.

To ensure that the SRC advocates for correct interests of the students, the SRC shall as guided by the SRC constitution’s Section 23 GENERAL PROVISIONS article which states “Ordinary mass meetings shall be convened at least once per quarter by the Cabinet”, convene such mass meetings to listen to the voices, opinions and requests of the students.


To be the core-hub of creating current and future leaders for the University of Venda, South African communities, Africa and the world.


To equip and develop student leaders into becoming better craftsman who selflessly advocate for the rights and interests of their constituency without letting their personal interests blind them.


The guiding principles and values which are considered by the SRC when taking and implementing decisions, are as enshrined in the SRC constitution: Advancing academic excellence; Non-racist and non-sexist. Non-xenophobic; Participatory democracy; Culture of human rights (as set out in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa); Women leadership development; Community directness; Integrity; Advancement of the rights of the students with disabilities and Equality.

Your SRC is the #One!

President, Shikwambana Mandla, 078 975 5528, mandla.shikwambana@univen.ac.za

Position Name Contact
President Shikwambana Mandla 078 975 5528
Deputy President Masango Sandile Bob 071 557 4849
Deputy Secretary Mpamonyane Kgwerano
Minister of Finance Lavhengwa Lusani
Minister of Education Rakhadani Ipfi Rejoice
Minister of Arts, Culture, Religious and Heritage Affairs Sebe Lerato
Minister of Information, External Affairs, and International Relations Mulaudzi Matome Gift
Minister of Campus and Off-Campus Housing Maako Kagiso Kleinbooi
Minister of Sports Raseala Tshepo Pholo 079 796 7559
Minister of Gender and People with Disabilities Phathela Ndamulelo Jessica
Minister of Health, Safety and Security Maake Zanele Prudence
Post Graduate Chairperson Nigel Thobejane +27 79 283 4012
Minister of Legal, Policies, and Constitutional Affairs Mashau Tshilidzi Brainy 072 741 8066
Speaker Musetha Rinae +27 15 962 8854
Deputy Speaker Mdluli Amalasanta Glanrose Thandi
Last updated: February 6, 2018 at 15:36 pm