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Univen Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Admission


Admission means approval to report for registration as a student of the University. 

Application for admission must be made online or on the prescribed form, which must be accompanied by the following: 

  1. (i) a testimonial of good conduct; 
  2. (ii) a Matriculation/NSC/NCV certificate or, if not 
  3. (iii) yet available, some form of proof that the prospective student complies with the necessary requirements for the degree for which s/he desire to register for or a statement of last school symbol achieved; 
  4. (iv) application fee -; non-refundable 
  5. (v) Copy of page 1 of Identity Document/Passport. 

No person shall be admitted as a candidate for a degree unless he has obtained the NSC/NCV /with an achievement rating of 4 and above and meeting the specified appropriate level of – APS Score subject achievement for that particular Qualification, Matriculation Certificate of Higher Education South Africa (HESA), a certificate of exemption from the Matriculation examination as approved by UMALUSI. It may be required of a prospective student to pass an entrance test before being granted permission to register. Alternatively, it may be required of a student to take special modules in certain disciplines. 

Appropriate prior learning in a specified area of study may also be recognised. The criteria to assess prior learning shall be determined by Senate. 


Unless the Senate grants special permission, modules taken outside a prescribed curriculum, i.e “extra-curricula” modules, shall be subject to the same admission requirements as modules taken within the prescribed curriculum for a degree or diploma. 


Registration of students


NB: All programmes at the University of Venda are offered on full time basis. 

A candidate must report for registration on the dates and during the times specified in the academic year plan. 

To register manually, each candidate must complete and sign the prescribed registration form and submit it to the Dean of the School concerned for approval, giving details of the module(s) s/he intends to follow. 61 

To register online, a candidate has to accept rules and regulations after which s/he has to choose and enroll modules on the approved curriculum and level of study. 

The full fees for the semester are payable in advance and not later than the date specified. 

Only registered students may attend lectures. 

A person registering as a student manually must complete and sign the official registration form, thus binding himself/herself to observe the rules of the University. A person shall only be admitted to a module for a degree or diploma if his/her curriculum has been approved by the Dean of the School concerned. Online registration shall be guided by rules as set out on the academic structure as approved by the school and in the form of approved calendar. An approved curriculum may subsequently be amended within a specified period, provided that the amended curriculum conforms to the rules in force at the time of the amendment. 

A student must ensure that the composition of the chosen curriculum complies with the general rules for the various Schools. 

A student has to register a maximum/total of 1 F.T.E credits. Senate may allow a final year student to register a total of 1.25 F.T.E. credits.