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Overview of the department of Early Childhood Education

The department of Early Childhood Education offers several accredited degrees, prepares new teachers, upgrade under-qualified teachers in this field from undergraduate up to doctoral level in the life-long continuum as leaders, thinkers, and facilitators of change.  The preparation of these students requires rigorous programmes of study which recognize that knowledgeable teaching is a complex act based on deep understandings about pedagogy, learning, learners, subject matter content, and how these areas of understanding interact in the teaching-learning process. The department recognizes the need for a strong field-based component in all of its programmes to develop insightful, facilitative and effective teaching. Teaching is viewed as a facilitative process which requires the continual application of knowledge and skills in the classroom. As such, the department is committed to planning, implementing, and assessing programmes that prepare educational professionals who are focused on student learning.


The Department of ECE strives to be a leading provider of quality community based education, focused on rural and regional development of early childhood education


The ECE departments provide students with open and distance learning (ODL) education programmes and developing them into efficient teachers capable of promoting learning in children from birth to of nine years of age.

To also provide education that will promote personal development, empowerment and enhance the capacity of our students.

Conducting research that will address early learning development and challenges and contribute to the body of knowledge in the field.

Engaging in community activities that will contribute towards growth and progress in the early learning sector.

Expanding collaborative partnerships with other Institutions of Higher Education national and international and relevant stakeholders.

  • Values

Cultivate appreciation of diversity in order to promote emotional well being.

Create a caring and supporting environment where we take care of one another Create ethical awareness in compliance with human rights and social justice. Encourage scholarly activities by supporting ethical, quality and community engagement and creative research in the field of early childhood education.


Internationalization: The department is engaged in student exchange scheme with the Catholiek University Leuven and Limburg in Belgium and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The exchange students from Belgium model good practice of teaching in schools and to the students as well.

The department is engaged in various Early Childhood activities

UNIVEN-Model Pre-school

The preschool programmes provide abundant opportunities for young children to grow personally, socially and to become more effective learners.There are  preschool has 2 classes, 1 for pre-grade R class and 1 for Grade R and facilitated by two qualified teachers. The department as embarked on a Story reading project to instil the love of books to the pre-schoolers.

The department is assisting community centers by empowering practitioners on the importance of Early Childhood Education

Unarine Crèche-Ha-Mangilasi

Mbilwi Childcare Center

  • Bachelor of Education in Foundation phase teaching (BED FP)
  • Bachelor in Education (Honours) specialising in Early Childhood Education
  • Master of Education specialising in Early Childhood Education
  • Doctoral degree specialising in Early Childhood Education

Name: Pr0f Ndileleni Paulinah Mudzielwana
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Dr Shonisani Agnes Mulovhedzi
Designation: Lecturer In Sociology Of Education

Name: Dr Matodzi Godfrey Sikhwari
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Dr Rendani Mercy Makhwathana
Designation: Professor In Sociology Of Education

Name: Miss Hasina Banoo Cassim
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Ms Ndiafhi Catherine Nedambale
Designation: Junior Lecturer (Ngap)

Name: Mrs Connie Ndiyogumafhi Nekhavhambe
Designation: Part Time Lecturer

Name: Mrs Ntsumbedzeni Angela Kwinda
Designation: Part Time Lecturer

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