Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Contact Details
Dean School of Environmental Sciences
Tel: +27 15 962 8511
Office: New Environmental Science Building, Room FE-01

Head of Department
Dr J Chakwizira
Phone: +27 15 962 8585

About Us
The Department is in the School of Environmental Sciences. The Department addresses the professional concerns of Urban and Regional Planning, linking knowledge and action in ways that improve public and private development decisions which affect people, places and the environment with a departmental focus on medium sized centres and rural development. These we do without neglecting to teach the core elements of urban and regional planning.

The restructured courses at the Department focus on a theoretical understanding of urban, regional and rural planning, practical and technical links with both urban and metropolitan areas, the immediate countryside and small town environments as the laboratories for study and studio exercises. The Department also maintains links with active professional planners in both public and private sectors through the regional chapter of the South African Planning Institute (SAPI). The Department aligns teaching and learning based on the recommendations emanating from SAPI, SACPLAN and Department of Rural development in terms of the Planning Professional act 36 of 2002.


The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) focused on teaching and future to its initiatives towards addressing the issues of planning in a predominantly rural setting, the Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces.

The Department devises planning with a bias to rural/countryside planning as opposed to its generalist coverage of planning as a discipline. We believe that the department would best approach this paradigm shift through research centred on the catchment area. i.e. the Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces of South Africa.

We foresee the evolution of a Development Planning Consultancy Wing tied in with the overall interests of the School of Environmental Sciences (through the Environmental assessment and advisory Unit) and the university at large. 


The department offers problem-orientated. Project designed programme which are designed to provide students who wish to pursue career in the built environment with specific focus on urban and regional planning. Students are exposed to physical, economic, social and political forces that shape urban and rural communities.

The programme explores the role of communities, local and national governments as well as the activities of no-governmental and international agencies in the process of development and land use and the impact of these on sustainable use of resources and the environment. The ultimate goal of the programme is to forge functional and intellectual linkage between theory and practice (knowledge and skills) at all levels of planning education.

The Department of Urban and Regional planning offers courses/modules leading to professional qualifications.

BURP (Bachelor of Urban and Regional planning). This is a four year full-time professional planning programme.

M.URP (master Urban and regional planning) a two year full time professional degree programme for graduates of environmental sciences, the built environment, economic and management sciences, social and behavioural sciences, and other relevant disciplines or equivalent training.

Ph D: a program of minimum duration of three years

Certificate and Diploma or Postgraduate diploma/certificates



Matric passes at symbol E (HG) or D= 50% (SG) or 50% pass in NSC in Mathematics and Physical science, 60 in English and four of the following matric subjects at symbol D=50%(HG) or C=60% pass in NSC in: Accounting; Agricultural Sciences; Biology or Life Sciences; Economics; Geography; or Technical Drawing and a pass of 60%in Home Language and Life Orientation.

Expected Outcomes

The detailed modules and expected competencies are an outcome of inputs from guidelines for the Planning profession by the South African Council of Planners (SACPLAN)

The following critical skills are embedded and underpin all the critical outcomes:

  • Problem definition, gathering information and proffering alternatives and collaborative problem solving.
  • Written, oral and graphic communications.
  • Understanding strategic and synoptic dimensions and the interconnections between different facets of planning.
  • Aesthetic dimensions and design awareness.
  • The use of information technology (CAD, GIS and the use of the Internet among others).

Furthermore, that the knowledge of a planner must encompass a sound theoretical and applied base of the following areas:

  • The nature, purpose and method of planning.
  • The environment and development.
  • The political and institutional context of planning.

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning has taken into consideration and adopted the above SACPLAN discussion guidelines in the new course modules presented in the following pages.

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning offers the following modules:

Year 1 Year 2
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2
URP 1541


ERM 1541

URP 1641

MAT 1649

URP 1640 (STUDIO 2)

ERM 1641

URP 2542

URP 2543

URP 2544

ERM 2541

URP 2641

URP 2643

URP 2644

URP 2645

ERM 2641

ECS 1541 ECS 1646

GEO 1520

SOC 1541

PAD 1541

ECO 1541

ANY 2:

GEO 1620

SOC 1541

PAD 1641

ECO 1641


ECO 2541

PAD 2541

SOC 2541

GEO 2541


ECO 2641

PAD 2641

SOC 2641

GEO 2641

Year 3 Year 4
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2
URP 3544

URP 3545

URP 3546

URP 3548

URP 3644

URP 3645

URP 3646

URP 3647

URP 3648

URP 4740

URP 4541

URP 4542

URP 4544

URP 4644

URP 4648

ERM 3541 ERM 3641 URP 4543

URP 4545

URP 4546

URP 4641

URP 4642

URP 4647

Short Courses
Basic Spatial Planning and Land Use Management


Prof Bikam and Mrs Akola 5-day period
Research Methodology (and Report Writing)


Mr Gondo and Dr Ingwani 5-day period
Integrated Development Planning for Local Government


Mr Makumule and Prof Bikam 5-day period


 Project Planning and Management


Dr Ingwani and Mr Makumule 5-day period
Rural Development Planning Mrs Akola  

5-day period


 Integrated land use transport planning


Dr James Chakwizira 5-day period

Name: Mrs Shylet Anesu Nyamwanza
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Mrs Azwidowi Mashangu
Designation: Typist Grade I / Clerk Grade Ii

Name: Mr Fulufhedzani Victor Mushiana
Designation: Senior Technologist

Name: Dr. Emmaculate Ingwani
Designation: Lecturer In Urban & Regional Planning

Name: Mr Tendayi Gondo
Designation: Senior Lecturer In Land Sur, Remote & Pl

Name: Prof Peter Bitta Bikam
Designation: Prof/Associate/Senior Lecturer

Name: Mr Masala Thomas Makumule
Designation: P/Time Lect In Urban And Regional Planni

Name: Prof Godfrey Anyumba
Designation: P/Time Lect In Urban And Regional Planni

Name: Miss Sedzani Gracious Tshikunde
Designation: Junior Laboratory Techinician

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