Department of Social Work

School of Human and Social Sciences

DURATION: 4 years

Specific Outcomes

As stated in the BSW programme documents of the CHE, purpose of this professional four-year qualification is to equip learners with:

• Skills to challenge structural sources of poverty, inequality, oppression, discrimination and exclusion.
• Knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and social systems and the skills to intervene at the points where people interact with their environments in order to promote social well-being.
• The ability and competence to assist and empower individuals, families, groups, organisations and communities to enhance their social functioning and their problem-solving capacities.
• The ability to promote, restore, maintain and enhance the functioning of individuals, families, groups and communities by enabling them to accomplish tasks, prevent and alleviate distress and use resources effectively.
• An understanding of and the ability to demonstrate social work values and the principles of human rights and social justice while interacting with and assisting the range of human diversity.
• The understanding and ability to provide social work services towards protecting people who are vulnerable, at-risk and unable to protect themselves.
• Knowledge and understanding of both the South African and the global welfare context and the ability to implement the social development approach in social work services.
• Understanding of the major social needs, issues, policies and legislation in the South African social welfare context and the social worker`s role and contribution.
• The skills to work effectively within teams, including social work teams, multi- and interdisciplinary teams as well as multi-sectoral teams.

Admission Requirements

The number of students to be admitted into University of Venda (Univen) BSW program is limited. Students will be admitted according to admission requirements. Being accepted by Univen as an applicant does not automatically qualify a student into the BSW program in the Department of Social Work. Students are selected into the BSW program based on their performance and availability of space.

To be registered for the BSW degree, students should:
– be in possession of Matric exemption, if the matric was completed before 2008
– be in possession of Matric National Curriculum Statement (NCS) certificate or statement of results indicating a minimum of 35 points
– have completed application forms from Univen Students Admission Offices:
– have attached to application forms: copy of Matric results, ID document, ID photo, a
testimonial, payment receipt of the application fee.

Postgraduate studies

Masters in Social Work

Career Opportunities

Social workers apply their knowledge and practice their skills in a variety of settings. The majority of social workers work in government departments such Social Development (DSD), Health (DH) in its hospitals including psychiatric settings, South African Police Services (SAPS), South African Defense Force (SANDF), Correctional Services (DCS). Many social workers work for organizations (mostly, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social service organisations) in the fields of child and family welfare, care for people with disabilities, alcohol and drug treatment centers, community development organizations, children’s homes, as well as mental health. In fact, most organisations dealing with some or other human problem offers social work career opportunities.

There are several social workers that work in the field of employee assistance programmes (EAP) rendering a variety of services to employees of large private sector companies or for government departments. Social workers also operate private practice, wherein they offer specialized services such as marital counselling, divorce mediation, adoption, and working with children, consulting for private industry and government entities. These social workers are paid by the clients or the organisations they consult for. Social workers are also able to obtain employment in other countries.


Name: Dr Lobelo David Mogorosi
Designation: Senior Lecturer In Social Work

Name: Dr Glory Mmasetjana Lekganyane
Designation: Lecturer In Social Work

Name: Dr Thabisa Coleen Matsea
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Dr Matimba Allan Mabasa
Designation: Lecturer In Social Work

Name: Mr Themba Victor Baloyi
Designation: Senior Lecturer In Social Work

Name: Mrs Veronica Nemutandani
Designation: Junior Lecturer

Name: Mrs Matieho Cynthia Phiri
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Mr Nngodiseni Jimmy Budeli
Designation: Junior Lecturer

Name: Ms Mmaphuti Maria Mamaleka
Designation: Lecturer In Social Work

Name: Mrs Patricia Siphiwe Manganyi
Designation: Lecturer(Fieldwork Coordinator)

Name: Mr Avhafarei Vincent Makuya
Designation: Administrative Support Officer

Name: Miss Thilingiwi Ramovha
Designation: Part Time Lect In Social Work

Name: Miss Livhuwani Mafela
Designation: Part Time Lect In Social Work

Name: Miss Tsireledzo Sikhitha
Designation: Part Time Lect In Social Work

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