School of Law


Name Highest Qualification(s) Specialisation(s)
Choma, H LLM Constitutional Law
Dhliwayo, P LLD Property Law
Jegede, AO LLD (Human Rights) Interface of climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development issues with international human rights law
Joubert, G LLM Family Law and Law of Persons
Lansink, A LLM Public International Law, Human

Rights Law, Constitutional Law,

Gender and the Law, Trafficking of

Women and Migration,

Comparative Law, Sociology of

Law, Philosophy of Law,

Decolonisation and Africanisation

of Legal Education and Transformation of Higher


Letuka, P LLM Women and Children’s rights, competition law, insurance law, law of lease
Majake, T LLM Banking Law, Gambling Law,

Labour Law, Mediation and Arbitration

Makulana, W LLM LLM Human Rights
Masekesa, LK LLM Human Rights Law, Environmental Law
   Mawila, PBN LLB Criminal Law and Estate law
  Mhuru, T LLM International Criminal Law, Human Rights and Commercial Law
  Mokoena, C LLM Human Rights, Social Security Law
Mopai, Z LLM Customary Law and Legal Pluralism
Mothibi, K

(Criminal Justice)

PHD Criminology, Policing/ Crime

Prevention Victimology, and Corrections

Mulaudzi, AN (Criminal


  D Tech (Policing) Policing/ Crime Prevention,

Investigation, Forensic

Investigation, Community Policing/

Sector Policing, Criminology,

Victimology, Domestic Violence,

Gender-based Violence,

Corruption and Corrections



   Ndlovu, L LLD Intellectual Property Law,

International Trade Law,

International Economic Law,

Company and Corporate Law,

Labour Law, Law of Contract,

Intellectual Property and Public

Health, Securities Regulation,

Selected aspects of international

Human Rights, Tax Law and Legal


  Ndou, MM   LLM Bill of Rights, Medical Law, Labour

Law, Administrative Law and Criminal Procedure

Nwafor, A PHD Company Law, Law of Contract, Law of Delict, Conflict of Laws


  Oluyeju, O LLD Public International Law,

Sovereign Debt and Bankruptcy

Law, International Economic Law,

International Trade Law,

International Investment Law,

International Finance Law, International Development Law, and Business and Human Rights



   Papadopoulos, S LLD ICT Law, Cyberlaw, Internet Law,

Technology and Law, Data Protection

Phiri, S LLM Corporate Law


Rangoato, SJ LLM Labour Law, Criminal Law and Environmental Law
   Raphulu, TN LLM Property law, Customary Law and Civil Procedure


  Selala, KJ LLM Labour Law
Shibambu, O LLM Intellectual Property Law,

International Trade Law,

Environmental and Mining Law

Simbo, C   PHD Human Rights
   Sithuga, NP

(Criminal Justice)

  MA (CRM JUSTICE) Criminology, Penology,

Victimology, Forensic Investigation and Community Policing



   Van der Walt, T LLM Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law
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