Department of Public and Development Administration, School of Management Sciences

About Us

The Department of Public and Development Administration offers a comprehensive range of services in public administration and management, development management studies and local government administration, comprising education, training, and development; research projects; and extensive community services.

The Department was initially known as the Department of Public, Municipal, and Development Management with the inception of the University of Venda during 1982. Since these early years, the Department has grown significantly. It is currently offering Public Administration, Local Government (up to second year) and Development Management Studies.


The Department of Public and Development Administration aims to develop human potential by means of equipping students with knowledge and skills to utilize socio-economic resources for the local, national as well as the Southern African region.


The Department of Public and Development Administration provides appropriately equipped human resources for the public and private sectors in Southern Africa. The basic function of the Department is to train, educate, develop and equip students and community members at various levels as well as to provide assistance through community engagement to members of the community in which it operates.


The Department sees its role as that of doing the following:

• Train scholars to contribute to development on various levels in society, but particularly in the rural context where the university is situated in.
• Assist communities with available resources to fulfill their needs, as well as the broader environment in which they operate.
• To train public servants and officials in other sectors to deliver a sound public administration service to the local, national as well as regional economy.
• Supporting government and private sector departments and institutions with the provision of policy makers and intellectual support for the execution of development programmes.
Our mandate is to teach, to do research and to be at the service of the community in which we operate. Our mandate is closely aligned with that of the University of Venda and the School of Management Sciences, namely to be responsive and to fulfill the development needs of communities in the region by using appropriate learning technologies and research.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Administration (BADMAP); Bachelor of Administration Honours (Public Administration) (BADMHA); Master of Administration (MADMIN); Doctor of Administration (DADMIN) and Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration (PhD).

Career Prospects

On completion of these qualifications, candidates can work in any government office, Human resources office, Private sector, be a training officer, open a private training consultancy

Name: Dr John Mutuwafhethu Mafunisa
Designation: Professor

Name: Prof Nicolas Jakobus Vermaak
Designation: Associate Professor

Name: Dr Mutshutshu Michael Nekhavhambe
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Dr Ephraim Mahole
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Dr Thivhilaeli Angeline Singo
Designation: Junior Lecturer

Name: Ms Mahlodi Joyce Sethu
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Dr Pandelani Harry Munzhedzi
Designation: Senior Lecturer

Name: Dr Ntwanano Erasmus Mathebula
Designation: Senior Lecturer

Name: Ms Sanah Tebogo Matloga
Designation: Senior Lecturer

Name: Mr Hulisani Herman Takalani
Designation: Lecturer

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