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The Masters programme extends over a maximum of twenty-four months of full-time study. The programme comprises compulsory and elective modules. Cross-disciplinary data-driven projects are offered both within the University and from a wide range of industry partners. A candidate must undertake modules to the value of 180 credits and must successfully complete the required course modules to obtain the degree.

Coursework Modules (Year 1 at Wits University)

2 Compulsory Courses

  • Research Methods and Capstone Project in Data Science (15 credits)
  • Data Privacy and Ethics (15 credits)

ANY 4 Elective Courses on Offer

  • Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning (15 credits)
  • Data Visualisation and Exploration (15 credits)
  • Large Scale Computing Systems and Scientific Programming (15 credits)
  • Large Scale Optimisation for Data Science (15 credits)
  • Mathematical Foundations of Data Science (15 credits)
  • Statistical Foundations of Data Science (15 credits)
  • Special Topics in Data Science (15 credits)

***  Not all elective courses will be offered in every year.

Research Report (Year 2 at Home Institution)

  • Research Report: Data Science (90 credits)


Competitive  DSI-NICIS  Masters  bursaries  (covering  tuition,  accommodation and stipend) are made available by the Department of Science and Technology (DSI) to qualifying students with a record of excellent academic achievement. Priority for bursaries will be given to South African Citizens and Permanent Residents.


Students are advised to apply as early as possible due to the competitiveness of the programme for places. For more information, see our webpage: For any additional queries, please refer to the contact details.

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