Dear student,

Please be informed that students are linked to a course at the request of a lecturer, as the lecturer is the owner of the online Blackboard course. Then from there the lecturer informs the students to access the course on Blackboard. If your lecturer has not informed you that your course is on Blackboard, then there is not necessary to attempt to logon on Blackboard or even request to be linked.

The students who must send requests with a photo of a student card (or some proof that they are Univen students) to eLearning support at are those

  1. Their lecturer has asked them to access their course on Blackboard and are experiencing some challenges.
  2. Their courses are taught on Blackboard but they cannot logon for some reason – see attached manual for how to logon to Blackboard.
  3. They have forgotten their password and are failing to reset it – see attached manual on how to reset a password.
  4. They can logon to Blackboard but the course is not linked to them. If you are not linked to a course usually the first solution is to inform the course lecturer who will have to send the course student list so that all students are added to a Blackboard course. This usually happens because some students have registered late for some reason. Coming or sending email  to eLearning support should be the last option after a lecturer has been consulted.
  5. They need assistance with some aspect of working on Blackboard- see attached student manual on how to write tests on Blackboard, submit assignments, check test marks, add your email address etc.
  6. Please note that it is important to setup your Blackboard email so that you are able to reset your password – see the attached student manual.
  7. Bb Student Mobile app on Android devices or iPhone can be used to access Bb courses with mobile devices. Simply download the app if possible and enter myuniven to search for Univen blackboard and from there you use your login details.

It should also be borne in mind that not all lecturers use  Blackboard. Some use only WhatsApp , emails and other technologies.

May you please familiarize yourself with the attached Blackboard student manuals.