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  1. All current residence students* who will still be returning to residences (activating) in second semester 2021, must REGISTER (activate) residence online from 02 August 2021. By logging to My Access account and clicking on Residence Registration or by going directly to


  1. Students may only register for residence after academic registration or if already registered modules for 2021 second semester, then register (activate) residence for 2021 second semester.


  1. Returning students who do not register residence (activate) online and report in person by 17 August 2021 will not be accommodated for second semester 2021.


  1. If you have completed your studies and not returning to residence for 2021 second semester, then you have to sign out (return keys) and remove luggage leaving the room totally empty, by 02 August 2021 at 16h00. Whether you use a pin or a key for your room, you must sign out with the Residence Warden. NOT NEGOTIABLE.


  1. After registering (activating) residence. Residence students will be given until 17 August 2021 at 16h00, to report in person for the second semester at their respective Residence Warden or their rooms WILL BE CANCELLED. NOT NEGOTIABLE.


  1. Post-graduate residence students do not have to activate, or act as mentioned above.


  1. Students who want to apply for residence can send email with heading “RESIDENCE APPLICATION” including their Title; Surname; Initials; Student number and Cellphone number to email address


  1. To ensure that students will always receive residence sms messages or emails, they should make sure that their contact details are correct or update them on My Access.



Mr. Ntai Mokoena
Head: Student Housing

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